Love on the road: Exodus, marriage and parkrun

When we started our parkrun partnership last year we knew there were lots of parkrunners that had been on an Exodus adventure holiday.  One of the best things about going to different parkruns around the UK is meeting those who have discovered far flung corners of the globe with us and have created life-long memories and friends.

When I visited Dulwich parkrun, I was welcomed by the magnificent Run Director/volunteer duo of Lucy and Andy.  As with every parkrun, the whole volunteer team made everyone feel at home.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fiftieth parkrun, you’re made to feel part of the family.  

This time around however, there was an even deeper connection between parkrun and Exodus as Lucy and Andy are not only married and volunteer at Dulwich parkrun together, they actually met on an Exodus holiday to Namibia!

Since meeting on one, they have subsequently been on a few more Exodus trips together and are the perfect example of the bond between Exodus and parkrun.

So, let me introduce you to the First Couple of Dulwich parkrun!

Which Exodus trip did you meet on?

We met on the Discover Namibia camping trip in 2010.

What was your highlight of the trip (apart from meeting each other!)?

Andy: Apart from meeting each other, the highlight for me was the sand dunes around Sossusvlei.  I really wanted to see the massive orange dunes I’d seen in photos.  They were spectacular.

Lucy: Again, Sossusvlei.  I loved the skeleton coast and Etosha.  Spectacular wildlife as well as scenery; Meerkats, the big 5, incredible bird life.  It was a fabulous group and we both made friends for life.  And I met my husband!

What made you choose to book with Exodus?

We had both travelled with Exodus before.  As single travellers it was great, stress free and safe way to travel to brilliant and adventurous locations.  We have subsequently been on holiday with Exodus together and are pretty hooked on the destinations and ease of organisation.

How did you both start volunteering/running with Dulwich parkrun?

Andy: I was running regularly and then started going to parkrun when we moved to the area.  I then got injured and started to volunteer while I recovered.  I am now a run director as part of a great core team and run regularly.

Lucy: I was a runner and often went out on Saturday mornings.  I quickly became a ‘parkrun widow’ as Andy became more and more involved in parkrun.  I wondered what all the fuss was about and thought if you can’t beat him, join him!  I'm now as obsessed as he is and I run and volunteer (I'm often roped in on the weekends that Andy is run director).  We have both got faster and fitter.  And we have made an fantastic group of local friends via the parkrun community.

Other than Dulwich parkrun, what is your favourite parkrun?

We haven’t done too much tourism yet.  We really enjoyed Richmond having run around there on training runs in the past.  Birkenhead was fabulous as we were able to have a family reunion and run with them.  Next on the 'to do' list of home runs is Bakewell.  Again with family who live up there, we've signed up our 11 year old nephew and he's keen to start going up there having really enjoyed doing Dulwich with us when he came to visit.

Are there any parkruns around the world you would like to visit?

Yes!  Lots!  The new Kuala Lumpur parkrun is high on the list as Andy's brother has recently moved there with his partner.   Also Sicily- this has been high on the priority list as a holiday destination. And then we recently heard about the Exodus parkrun tourism holiday combining an Exodus holiday with 2 parkruns in Sicily. We would absolutely love to do that.
Along with the Discover Namibia trip they met on, Lucy and Andy have since been together to the Amalfi Coast and experienced our Finnish Wilderness Week.
If you are interested in joining one of our parkrun tourism holidays, you can read more about them here.

Go say hi to both Lucy and Andy at their local Dulwich parkrun