Bob Matthews

Bob's journey here is a long one, entering the travel industry as a Tour Leader in Europe in spring 1984, working for a small operator called 'Trek Europa'; they were the sister company of 'Trek America'. His winters were then free to embrace budget travel; backpacking around the world, a free spirit, he didn't own any keys for 13 years! He looks after the Exodus website now, as the in-house Webmaster.

Walking the Great Wall of China, an Experience not to be Missed...

The Great Wall of China can be seen from the International Space Station, (although the view was probably better before China's industrial might took hold) and I dream of one day seeing it from space for myself – in fact I am saving as quickly as I can for this galactic adventure. But until commercial space flights are available to the general public, I decided to satisfy my curiosity by getting a closer look on a trekking trip.

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