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19 Epic Hikes for 2019

Make 2019 the year you conquer an amazing trek. There's a whole planet out there full of incredible, life-changing hikes that will transform your 2019 into an incredible adventure. These are no ordinary hikes - all have something extra special, whether that's a phenomenal environment, an iconic goal, or a physical challenge. 

Recommended Rides for 2019!

Cycling in Croatia

When they manage to get away from their desks and shed the trappings of office life, our cycling experts here at Adventure HQ love nothing more than saddling up and discovering the world’s best biking routes. Their enthusiasm pays off – because they’ve road tested our adventures, they can tell you from personal experience which ones are best suited to you.

We asked our experts to share some of their favourite rides that they think you’ll love as much as they did…

New Cycling Trips for 2019!

New season means new adventures! The Exodus staff peloton have been at it again, scouring the globe to bring you the best of the world on two wheels. From new ways to discover our favourite destinations to new regions being added to the collection, 2019 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and innovative years for cyclists. Plus, with our special offer you'll save at least 10% when you book one of our new trips by 11 November 2018

Where will your next ride take you?

7 Lesser-Known World Wonders

Meenakshi Temple

Travel is personal – your experiences are unique to you, and simply put, only you can decide on what your definition of a world wonder might be. Whilst the UNESCO lists are great for getting ideas, they simply cannot encompass all the wonders our world has to offer. That’s why we’ve compiled our own list, of lesser-known world wonders that we believe deserve a little more time in the limelight.

7 World Wonders: Q&A with Exodus’ Andrew Appleyard

Petra, Jordan

Meet Andrew Appleyard: archaeologist, avid ornithologist, amateur photographer, and traveller. You may recognise him as the man who could answer all your questions from our roaming evening presentations. We know him as our international sales manager, and a man who has been representing Exodus for nearly 20 years. There are very few places he hasn’t had the opportunity to go.

Meet 2017 Leader of the Year: Johnny Villalobos, Costa Rica

Johnny Villalobos

We sit down with Exodus leader Johnny Villalobos, winner of our Tour Leader of the Year Award 2017, for a quick Q&A between wildlife spotting in Costa Rica. 

How do you approach leading tours?

I like to prepare for a trip in Costa Rica by first of all reading a bit about the clients' backgrounds and age range. That helps me think about what we can find along the way. I recap every single destination we have in our itinerary, in order to deliver the best information for the customer.

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