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While he was on an Exodus cycling trip in Cambodia, Shawn Stephney, our IT manager, was introduced to the staff and pupils of a rural school in Sam Bat, a small village located about an hour outside Siem Reap. The school was set-up in 2008 by a local man, Waha Long, to try and help educate more than 200 local children, a number of whom are orphans, who live in the 3 closest villages to the school. Run entirely on a volunteer basis, donations from tourists and visitors to the area are the only funds this underprivileged school can secure.



Since its inception in 2008 Waha has done a phenomenal job of attracting donations to help build and run the school.  Through his drive and energy, he has managed to get one school building constructed, plus around 15 small village homes (to house some of the orphaned children) and a new drinking water well. There are constant improvements that Waha would like to make to the school and village and we hope to help his quest to build better facilities in order to support this remote community.

Exodus and Baraka Community Partnerships, who we work with on various other projects, are supporting our efforts to assist Waha with school improvements. A visit to the project will be arranged on our next Get involved departure (November 2013). To register your interest, please contact Paula in our groups department.

If you would like to visit the project before then join our Cycle Indochina & Angkor holiday.

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After meeting Waha, we felt like this was an incredibly worthwhile project to support. It will benefit the people of the three closest villages (Sam Bat, Som Rig Chang and Sam Rong), in particular the children who will be able to attend the school. With your help, we want to build an additional two buildings adjacent to the school – the first is to have two rooms, one room to be used as the living quarters for the orphans as currently many of them live with volunteers in the village. The second room is to be a library to store books and extra equipment. The second building will be an accommodation block for volunteers to stay in if they are volunteering at the school.

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In order to make this project possible electricity is needed and therefore we would like to supply a solar powered generator, which will be used to create electricity allowing for classes after dark. Waha is also trying to build a wall around the complex bit by bit when he has the money so we hope to help finish this job too.  Once the building is done we hope to continue to get donations to help with operational costs; donations of clothes and educational equipment such as books, pens, etc would be greatly appreciated. Improving the local children’s education will undoubtedly provide them better prospects for the future. 


1) Firstly, if you are planning on visiting Cambodia on one of our trips, please make everyone in your group aware of what Exodus are doing. Help us spread the word!

2) If you would like to help even more, then why not join our Get Involved volunteer trips in 2013 – contact Paula  to register your interest.

3)  3) Finally, any extra funds will make a huge difference to help us reach our goal, so please click on the link at the top of this page and donate now!