Ballestas Islands, near Paracas, South America

South America

Lost civilisations, mist-shrouded mountains and (almost) impenetrable rainforest await

Adventure Holidays in South America 

With lost cities, rainbow mountains, salt plains, and extraordinary wildlife, holidays in South America are imbued with a magic all of their own. From the Caribbean Coast of Venezuela to the glacial fjords of Patagonia, South America’s epic canvas takes in a riotous mix of culture, and outstanding adventure trails.

There’s trekking in Chile; Machu Picchu peaking through the cloud forest in Peru; bird spotting in Guyana or Galapagos. And then there’s the Amazon. Exploring the biggest and most diverse ecosystem in the world is the stuff that holiday legends are made of. Add in Argentina’s deliciously smokey red wine and plate-sized steaks, and your South America tour has all the ingredients for the an adventure holiday like no other.

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South America Adventure Holidays

Machu Picchu, Peru

The Inca Trail

Follow in the footsteps of the Peruvian Incas as you trek the classic Inca Trail

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

Walking & Trekking
9 days
From £1,099
Activity Rating - Moderate
4.7 / 5

Discover Chile

Visit four distinct regions to see deserts, glaciers, volcanoes and lakes

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

13 days
From £3,139
Activity Rating - Leisurely/Moderate
4.6 / 5
El Mist Volcano and Arequipa Cathedral - Arequipa, South America

Peru Explorer

An in-depth discovery of southern Peru from the Andes to the Amazon

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

22 days
From £2,939
Activity Rating - Leisurely/Moderate
4.7 / 5

Top five South America Adventures

1. The Rainbow Mountains of Ausangate: the off-the-beaten-track region of the Painted Mountains offers travellers the only lodge-based trek in Peru. The local Andean communities are lodge shareholders, benefiting directly from tourist stays. Peru’s Cordillera Vilcanota is home to the spectacular multi-coloured Rainbow Mountain with its stripes of multi-coloured rocks, and the sacred Ausangate mountain - deeply revered among the Andean communities.

2. The Lost City of Choquequirao: this is one of the largest and best preserved Inca sites after Machu Picchu but much less well known. Characterised by its llama-decorated terraces, this is a chance to visit an incredible Inca fortress without the crowds, surrounded by towering snowcapped peaks of the Vilcabamba Range.

3. Venezuela's Lost World & Angel Falls: explore Venezuela’s ‘Lost World’, a region of dense jungle and elevated plateaus. Mount Roraima’s maze of blackened rock and babbling streams, and the spectacular Angel Falls - the highest waterfall in the world. 

 4. Hiking in Chile: experience the contrasts of Chile whilst walking on volcanic slopes, over salt lakes, and along glacial valley trails. Get away from the crowds in the Atacama Desert by trekking amid the natural springs and cacti of Guatin Valley.

5. Ecuador's Avenue of Volcanoes: for a country about the size of England, Ecuador manages to pack a mighty punch. This eye-opening trip delves into its fiery heart: the glacial peaks of its Andean volcanoes. It’s a challenging week, but if you’ve the stamina, Ecuador's got the views. And when the rewards include reviving hot spring baths, reaching crater lakes seem all the sweeter.


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