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I am travelling to Kenya and Tanzania in September with 9 nights of camping. I understand that the vehicle has a 240v inverter. I will be taking 2 cameras. The one I will use the most is quite battery hungry and can easily use two 1200 mAh rechargable batteries a day so I will take one battery in the camera and two spares. I am planning on taking a powerbank, probably a 26800 mAh (97 watt hours so I can take on the flight), that I can charge camera batteries with. I will take a phone but don’t plan on being on the phone much (at all if I can help it) and most of the time it will be off. However, I might use it to back up photos off the camera and onto a flash drive in the evenings.

For the most part I think I will be OK and I think the powerbank should largely be enough to charge the camera batteries for 9 days - about 20+ recharges of a battery. My phone fast charges. I guess there are limited sockets on the inverter. Did anybody have trouble getting access to the invertor to charge up their devices? I don’t want to hog it or be very dependent on it but I might want to top if needs be.

 BW, BM.

Are you on the August 30/Sept 1 trip?

I am on the trip with my wife. First real Safari for us. Have don't a little self drive Safari in South Africa whilst on a work trip. Looking forward to it. On the battery front, just going to buy a pile of power banks and resell on eBay after the trip. You on your own or with a group? C

I am flying in myself and the group will pick me up in a hotel in Nairobi. I'll be on the trip with the group starting August 31. Looking forward to it; never been to sub-Saharan Africa.

Hopefully, the charging situation will be acceptable.

Great. We are not on the package flight either. I think we have a BA flight from Heathrow because it was cheaper. I expect we will be picked up at the same hotel. Looking forward to it. Not sure if any of the details, I ducked out of the organisation, I am rubbish at holiday planning. The little bit of Safari I have done was magical. C.

Here is my email if you want to have an easier communication

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I just got back from this trip.

There were plenty of charging sockets on the bus we could use as long as the engine was running. Most of the campsites also had places you could use the sockets. There were only 4 of us though, might be a slightly different story with 18.

Be carefull with the spare batteries and powerbanks you bring. Eithiopian airlines required they be taken on as hand luggage and had various limits. Check with your airline.

Have a good time!

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