Everest Base Camp 14th Feb

Hi All,  Just checking in with any fellow travellers for the Everest Base Camp Trek on 14th Feb.  Gary (my step brother) and I are looking forwards to the trip and also look forwards to meeting the rest of the people joining us.  Speak soon, Paul.


Myself and my other half - Tom are very excited to Trek to Everest BC and meet you all! This is our 1st Exodus trip. 

Keep in touch.

Lia & Tom

Hey Lia and Tom, great to meet some fellow travellers! Its my first and Garys second tripm(First was Machu) - so we're all relatively newbies :-)  Looking forwards to meeting you both in about 3 months! Paul.

Hi All, Very excited to Trek to EBC - a childhood dream - well the dream was to make it to the top(!)  but hey ho  I'll be satisfied with base camp.  I have done a few trips but this is my first with Exodus. Not long now.  Lorraine

Hi Lorraine,  Great to meet you (virtually!).  Cant wait to see everyone in a few weeks - should be a fantastic group.  Lets hope we all get over the xmas cheer and get some training in!  EBC wont be as good as the top but will be far far easier :-)  See you soon. Paul.

Hey all - Getting close to the trip - hope you're all getting excited! Paul.

Very excited how is the training (and the packing) going.  My training is going significantly better than my trying to work out what my 10 kilo of essentials will be!!  Got my visa yesterday so it now seems very real.  Wondered if any of you are flying from Heathrow Terminal 4 and if so whether anyone wants to meet up at the airport. See you soon Lorraine 

We're flying in from Manchester Lorraine sadly (via Doha). We get there at 10 am on the 14th, so we have a couple of days in Kat before we go trekking, it was also the cheapest flights by far! We've gone for visa on arrival which may be a long queue for us at the airport, have to wait and see whether it was a good idea or not!

Just realised you can't exchange money before you get there, so not having local currency in the wallet upon arrival will seem very alien...

As for training, we've done some long walks every weekend in preparation but it's the altitude which will probably be the hardest part for us all.

See you soon :-) 

Hi Paul  I am going Heathrow to Doha (Quatar Airlines) and it arrives in Kathmandu at 10.15am so we should, if we get a decent wind, arrive at roughly the same time.

The first time I went to Nepal I also had  to queue for a visa - just make sure you have a couple photos with you in case they get picky.  It is weird not travelling with the local currency. The only think I would say about the money is make sure the notes you take out with are not torn, old or drawn on as they sometimes will not accept them.  I have given up training now in case I pick up an injury - Altitude is always a worry as you never know when it might or might not hit but the best things you can do to try and prevent it is to firstly listen to your guide as they really do know what they are taking about,  drink plenty - I mean water and not alcohol (shame) and probably the most important -  do not rush - the slower you walk the better - and I really do mean slowly you will acclimatise better if you do this.  Apart from that the holiday and the scenery is going to be amazing so why rush it   See you soon,

Hey Lorraine.  We're arriving on the 14th not the 15th - not sure if you arrive on the 14th with the other group - either way we'll see each other at the hotel at some point!  Just done another 14 mile walk (1 walk a week for last 4 weeks), which is kinda helping but moreso testing the new kit (shoes n' clothes etc).  Agreed that it will be tight to get everything in the exodus kit bag - luckily its only cheap for additional weight if its too heavy :-)  Time to refine what we're taking! Definately a go slow on the walk, especially as theres not much at the lodges to look at.  See you soon, should be brilliant. Paul.

Hi Guys 

Just wanted to say have a safe flight and look forward to meeting up on the 15th



See you in a couple of days Lorraine - we start out at 09:30 tomorrow towards manchester airport.  Just got to get cramming my kit into the tiny bag now!  Paul.

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