India Tiger safari 1/3/19

Has anyone on here been on the tiger safari 16 day trip to India? I am going, leaving on the 1st March, and wondered if any travellers had any advice from their trips they would be willing to give me before I go? I am especially interested in how much money people took and whether there was the opportunity to use wifi and relative plug adapters to charge camera batteries etc. Would be really grateful for any help and advice.


I have been trying to find anyone who may be going on the same trip as me, but so far have not been successful in locating anyone. So if anyone is going and leaving from Heathrow please get in touch.

Many thanks, Mickey 

Hi Mickey, I did this trip in 2016 and loved it.  Fingers crossed for you. We had 16 tiger sightings! Travelled with my husband and took £600 (between us) which we changed into rupees at the airport and still had £150 to change back at the end. We did as recommended by Exodus had about £150 worth of 500 rupee notes and the rest of 100 - with a couple of the 100 rupee notes broken down to even smaller amounts. There wasnt much to spend money on - we paid for an extra game drive and husband had the odd beer in the evening.  Take an Indian adaptor plug - 3 round pins. I read 5 books as midday in the heat there isnt much to do. In March the weather was hot generally hot and dry and the park was very dusty when returning from game drives in the afternoon/evening a scarf or snood helped keep the dust out. 

Clothes wash and dry very quickly in the heat so you do not need to pack a great deal; thin long trousers and tea-shirts, swim suit, sandals, hat and lightweight fleece for the early morning starts in some areas.  

Have fantastic time ..I'm sure you will!

Hi Sue,

thanks so much for your reply all your information is very helpful and I can start my final preparations now! It sounds like you had an amzing time in 2016 and 16 tigers is fantastic.....I sincerely hope we are as lucky as you! 

I'm travelling alone but feel happy the group will be full of like minded people who want to enjoy seeing the wildlife in their natural environment. I am passionate about wildlife especially big cats and have always wanted to see tigers in the wild ( previously I've mostly been with lions) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we will have sitings.

I already have a 3 round pin adapter I used in South Africa, so will check out if its the same one for India, as that would be great if it is. Thanks for the advice about clothes. I was hoping I wouldnt need to take too much. Hadn't thought about books, so thats a good idea.

Thanks again for your help, wish you were coming on my trip as then I would have spoken to someone before leaving! Have you got any picture you have shared on here?

Best wishes and hope you enjoy your next trip whereever it may be. Maybe hear from you again 

Mickey :-) 

Hi Mickey have just put some pics up on my profile, not sure if you can access them.  It was a while back now and I am not sure about wifi, but think it was just at the last camp we stayed at in the reception area and of course in the city, Wish I was heading off again too! We are offf to Costa Rica in April with Exodus. All the best.

hi Sue

I've just looked at your profile and!! Hope we will be as lucky as you. You've been on some fabulous trips havent you! Costa Rica sounds fantastic, I looked at that one but have wanted to see the tigers for so long now thought I'd go for that first.

I love travelling with Exodus. I went to Peru and did the Inca Traill in 2008 and went to Cuba in 2013 both with Exodus but didn't know about this forum before now.

Getting very excited now, only a few days to go and I need to sort out my packing. Hope I can get wifi access as I need to stay in contact with my dad if possible (I'm his carer) 

thanks again


Hi Mickey

I did not come to India either.

Looking forward to your sharing.

Wish you have a great trip.

Thank you.

just thought I'd add to this post having now returned from this trip. It was truly amazing and I would go back in an instant! All the wildlife is outstanding, such a beautiful country, lovely people, fantastic food just the best of everything! We were a very lucky group with 25 tiger sitings between us, and 3 sloth bears and 2 leopards. So happy!

Mickey x

Hi Mickey

I'm going this time next year and get very excited reading the positive reviews!  Did you find the wifi ok? I too need to stay in touch.

Wow so pleased Mickey you had an amazing time. Knew you would!

Hi BurdttEth,

We did the trip 6 months ago and we had free wi-fi at all the lodges and hotels we stayed, not necessarily in the rooms but always in certain parts of the public areas.

Hope that helps,




Hi everyone,

I'm doing the trip next month and really excited! But also nervous, trying to make sure I've covered everything.

Sue thank you for your advice on clothes to take!

Quick question on washing clothes - were you able to get this done at the accommodation or did you take travel detergent with you?

Thanks, Amy

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