Hello, anyone out there that is going in this trip a runner, I would like to run but am not confident in going out in areas I don’t know. 

Hi Jacky, which trip are you going on? There are a few in August. My wife and I are going on August 26th Nambia Lodges trip and will be looking for a couple of spots to go for a run (preferably with no wild cats tracking us).

Hi Nick, we leave Heathrow on the 25th for the lodges trip, so guessing that’s the same one? Would be lovely to have someone to run with but wouldn’t want to slow you down, depending on how far I run will dictates on my pace. 5k I usually do around 6:05 per K. Can’t crack that sub 6 mibutes! Over that and I usually slow it down a bit! Though any wildcats may help me run faster! 


Great, sounds like we're on the same trip (though we're flying out on the 24th to get there a day early so won't be on the group flight). Sounds like we have the same pace. We hover around 6:05 for 5k runs, and don't have plans to run much further than that distance in Namibia. We'd also be happy with a shorter run depending on the area and heat factor - we're not hardcore runners!

hi nick, sounds like we are all at the same level, brilliant news. Hopefully there will be room in my case for my trainers. Look forward to meeting you on the trip. 

Yep, don't forget the trainers - not barefoot terrain (unless you're feeling brave)! Likewise, we look forward to meeting you too. See you there :)

Hi Jacky, Hi Nick,

My partner Paul and I are on this trip too - we're also runners and planning to pack our trainers for a couple of runs in Namibia! Very similar pace to you guys too. We are hoping to do the parkrun in Swakopmund: 

We checked with Exodus and apparently this should be possible - be great if you wanted to join us.

Looking forward to meeting you all.  

Park run! I’m in! How cool to have that on your park run history, I had no idea they did park run in Nambia. 

Look forward to meeting you all.


Hi Julie,

Park Run sounds fun. We've not been on a Park Run before, but will sign up. Did Exodus give an idea of how long we'd have that morning?

Look forward to meeting you all!

hi again, according to the trip notes that day is a free day, so we will have plenty of time. I have looked at the course and it looks lovely along the coastline and is described as flat. Hopefully one of the guides will give us a lift. You can take part if you dont register but you won’t get an official time.


Hello again,

I think the free day is Day 5 (Friday), so parkrun-day is the day we leave Swakopmund for Brandberg. I was optimistic that there might still be time to fit it in as the trip notes mention a 'relaxing start' that morning! Exodus said: Our local operators have advised that it is possible to do the parkrun. You will just leave Swakopmund a bit later and need to pack your luggage in the truck and then the Guide & truck can pick you up  on the way leaving Swakopmund at the parkrun.

But they didn't specifically mention what time we'd need to leave.

Jacky - I agree, it does look like a lovely course. 


😂 that’s me showing off my lack of basic maths.

Is it me or does that comment From exodus makes it sound like they would pick us up from park run and we go on travelling from there? No one wants to sit next to me all day after I have done park run in that heat 🥵 I think the park run starts at 8 though so it could be we are able to get there and back before the scheduled leave time. Guess we will have to see when we get there. 



Cool, my wife (Gemma) and I will play it by ear ref Park Run, but I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for a run along the way if timings don't work out. 


Not long to go now! See you all soon

well I will be the running gooseberry, my husband Sean doesnt run. As you say hopefully there will be some opportunities to find somewhere where we won’t get lost among the wildlife! 

See you all soon.


Hi All,

Heard a bit more from Exodus - the group would usually leave Swakopmund at 9am, so that fits with the guide and truck picking us up from the parkrun. Our accommodation is the named one in the trip notes. We'll play it by ear too but might still aim to do it if others don't mind - will have a change of clothes handy and a quick freshen up afterwards!! 😂 

Getting very excited for this trip now. Just trying to decide exactly what to pack.

See you all soon


fingers crossed we can do it. 

I am struggling with packing too Julie, I’ve never been on a trip like this before. 

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