Encounter some of the world’s most precious wildlife, incredible landscapes, without giving up your creature comforts

Voyage Holidays

Explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations on our eco-friendly cruises. Discover hidden gems thriving with wildlife with the help of our local guides for the most unforgettable experiences. Respecting the local landscapes and culture is our priority, and we vow to tread lightly through these sensational landscapes and habitats as we travel through the world.

You’ll stay in luxurious accommodation during each voyage and can access a variety of excursions and activities at your chosen location. Take advantage of our expert guides’ local knowledge that provide unique insight into the surrounding wildlife, flora and fauna you may encounter during your adventures.

Voyage Holidays

In Focus: Voyages

Voyages holidays boast an impressive choice of itineraries and destinations across the globe, each with its own bounty to discover. Join us as we embark on a cultural discovery cruise of the Amazon Rainforest where you will travel along the Amazon River in Peru and visit the Pacaya Samiria Reserve encountering giant butterflies and pink dolphins along the way. Or, choose to discover Ireland’s bronze-age delights and Celtic ruins across the welcoming Emerald Isle on our Wild & Ancient Britain trip. If a quest to witness majestic whales off the Icelandic coast against a backdrop of gushing geysers and volcanic landscapes is your idea of a perfect getaway, you’ll soon see our Voyages Holidays offer a huge array of unrivalled experiences to match every type of adventurer.

Apart from assorted excursions and activities included during our Voyages trips, guests will enjoy excellent local cuisine and drinks both on board each ship and during meals ashore. Among the included activities, you can enjoy Zodiac cruises, snorkelling, cultural tours, nature walks, fascinating onboard lectures and talks, cooking demonstrations and visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Activities may differ depending on the location and availability at the time of travel. However, no matter which Voyages holiday you choose, you are bound to experience incredible landscapes, cultural revelations, and exceptional service every time