Vietnam & Angkor for Christmas!

Hi, We’re booked on this trip (dept Sat 17 Dec) and can’t wait! Let us know if you’re going too (we might be able to lift share!?) – [email protected], or facebook ‘Haenni White’ Cheers, H


Hi Haenni,

My husband and I are booked on this too, and staying on for New Year in Angkor. We're London based so planning on getting the tube to Heathrow, so can't share lifts but definitely happy to share any packing tips. I just got our visas from the Embassy - they were really friendly which was nice. See you in December if not before!

Ruth Ruderham


my husband and I are also booked on this trip!Really looking forward to it.  We live in south east London and will be taking public transport to Heathrow on Friday 16 Dec and staying at an airport hotel. Starts the holiday a day earlier!!

Does anyone know the size of the group? I assume there are at least 6 of us, but could be as large as 16 according to Exodus?

My packing plan is to pack light. We are experienced travellers, and I always promise myself that I won't pack too much - but rarely succeed!

We will not be travelling to Mui Ne - didn't fancy 6 hours drive  each way just to visit a beach resort - so we will be staying in Saigon while the rest of the group goes to Mui Ne, and meet up again at the airport. We intend to take a trip to the Tunnels instead, which I notice is part of the official itinerary for tours next year.

Only downside for us this holiday is that we will have a 9 hour transfer wait at Kuala Lumpur airport on the return journey home. Anyone else in the same situation?



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