Wildebeest, Masai Mara

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Trending Now: Winter Sun Escapes

Sri Lanka's world-famous beaches

Some like it hot, and if you’re already missing the summer sun, then you’re not alone…

There’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve got a holiday to look forward to. As the British skies start to take on a gloomy tinge, the promise of having a week or two of woolly-jumper-free sunshine coming up can be the guiding light to get you through the shortening daylight hours. With the autumn equinox – the day when the days start getting shorter and the nights closing in sooner – long gone, more and more of us are wondering where we'd rather be.

Meet Your Leader: Marinella Bozzetti, Cycling Leader in Italy

Marinella Bozzetti

Despite having lived in Puglia her entire life, native Marinella Bozzetti still discovers new things about her homeland every time she leads an Exodus group. This is due, almost exclusively, to the amazed observations of those that she so passionately guides…

“Sharing experiences with people is what I enjoy most about my job,” Marinella says. “What really like is when something that’s very usual to me surprises people. It means I look at it with new eyes and that I don’t take any of it for granted.”

Trending Now: Cultural immersion... with a twist!

Cycling through the markets, Vietnam

Staying active whilst you travel shouldn’t mean forfeiting the chance to engage in local culture – in fact, it often means getting much closer…

Turns out, you can have the best of both worlds. Blending cultural discovery and a love of the great outdoors is easier than you think – and it’s a winning formula for travellers who want to stay active and still get under the skin of a fascinating new destination. This is cultural immersion with an active twist.

Trending Now: Fat Biking

From the serenity of biking through a pristine winter wilderness to the thrill of whizzing downhill in crunching snow, to watching the Northern Lights perform in the starry night sky, our Fat Biking in Finland adventure has it all. Customer Philip Crist shares his story…

UNESCO: Myths & Legends

There are many magical stories linked to our world heritage. These are age-old, inspired by real places, both natural and manmade wonders.

There are more than 1,000 monuments and natural wonders on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Deemed to have “outstanding value to humanity,” they can be of either cultural or natural significance, and are an irreplaceable source of life and inspiration. These are our legacy, to be cared for and passed on to future generations. 

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