Country Specific Guides

Country Specific Travel Guides

If you’re looking to travel to certain countries that have recently entered the Green and Amber List, we have prepared a step-by-step travel guide for each destination that allows you to confidently navigate the travel restrictions. This guide includes detailed information on the latest entry requirements, a recommended pre-departure checklist and a checklist for before you take your flight back to the UK, so you will be prepared every step of the way.

Whether you want to hike past other-worldly rock formations and glaciers on an adventure in Iceland, discover traditional fishing villages while cycling in Portugal or explore ancient Roman relics on foot with a trip to Greece, rest assured that you have the most up to date travel information at your fingertips with our Country-Specific Guides.

The country guides have been thoroughly researched; the information provided within them is given in good faith, using information taken from the relevant government sources and information received from our local partners   Please note, however, that all requirements are subject to change with little or no notice.  When we are made aware of a change that will impact our customers, we will endeavour to convey such information at the earliest opportunity.  We do, however, strongly advise that each customer carefully review their individual requirements at regular intervals as they prepare for their trip with us.


Country-specific guidance.

For travel to certain countries, we have prepared step-by-step guides to navigate the travel restrictions.

Advice for Travellers to Italy

Advice for Travellers to Switzerland & France

Advice for Travellers to Portugal - Mainland

Advice for Travellers to Portugal - Madeira

Advice for Travellers to Portugal - Azores

Advice for Travellers to Spain - Mainland

Advice for Travellers to Romania

Advice for Travellers to Albania & North Macedonia

Advice for Travellers to Greece

Advice for Travellers to Iceland

Advice for Travellers to Croatia

Advice for Travellers to Cyprus

Advice for Travellers to Ukraine

Advice for Travellers to Morocco

Advice for Travellers to Albania