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Lesotho Tours

Welcome to The Kingdom in the Sky. This is southern Africa – but not as you know it

Lesotho Holidays

5 Fascinating Facts about Lesotho

  1. Lesotho is home to the second tallest, single-drop waterfall in the whole of Africa. Maletsunyane Falls plummets 192 metres down a steep rock face into a stunning gorge below and can be found on the Maletsunyane River close to the town of Semonkong. The falls also holds the World Record for being the highest commercial abseil point and has become a popular destination for adrenalin junkies seeking their next thrill. If you don’t fancy throwing yourself from the top of the falls, it’s still worth visiting this natural wonder on a Lesotho tour to appreciate its beauty.
  2. Situated in the Pulane area, the Ha Kome CaveVillage is a fascinating place that the Basotho people once used as a refuge from cannibals of the Basia and Bataung clans. Hidden beneath the rocks, this cave village is still inhabited by descendants of the Basotho people today, keeping alive ancient traditions from two centuries ago. You can even see original San paintings on the walls, which you can learn more about on a Lesotho tour at the Kome Crafts and Information Centre just further up the road.
  3. Lesotho is one of only two places in the world where it’s been proved that a carnivorous dinosaurs once roamed around 200 million years ago. Discovered back in 1955, fossilised footprints can be seen at Subeng. Spanning almost nine metres in length, Kayentapus Ambrokholohali was one of the biggest dinosaurs believed to have ever lived in Africa. Since the discovery, another dinosaur has been named after Lesotho. Lesothosaurus Diagnosticus was a giant omnivorous lizard that once lived among Lesotho’s mountains.
  4. Lesotho plays host to the highest pub in Africa. Sani Mountain Lodge stands at nearly 9,500 feet on the summit of the Sani Mountain Pass in the Mkhomazi Wilderness area of Lesotho. While it’s one heck of a trek to reach the lodge, the taste of that first drink will be the only reward you need. But, of course, you’ll also be rewarded with phenomenal views across the Drakensberg mountains and the valley below. The summit of the pass also marks the border between Lesotho and South Africa so while you’re enjoying your drink, you can have both your feet in two different countries at the same time. It’s not very often you can do that!
  5. Lesotho trips will never cease to amaze you and there’s always something new to learn about this intriguing country. Nestled inside the Maluti Mountains at 185m high, the Katse Dam is the second largest of its kind in Africa. This is one of the most impressive feats of engineering in the continent and totals nearly 40 square kilometres. Believed to have taken its name from a local farmer, the Katse Dam was constructed in the early 1990s to channel water along a series if waterways, finally reaching the Vaal Dam.
Lesotho map