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May Half-Term Holidays


May Half Term Family Holidays

Top 5 Activities for Family Holidays

Pizza Making: Famous for its sun-drenched coastline, colourful houses and world-class food, Amalfi is a wonderful place to visit with the family. And being the birthplace of pizza, where better than Italy to get to grips with making your own. On our Pompeii and Pizza Family Holiday you’ll enjoy an interactive demonstration on how to create the perfect base for a Neapolitan pizza before adding your own choice of delicious toppings. This is a great way to teach your children more about the culture of Italy and, of course, you get to tuck into some tasty, authentic pizza.

Kayaking: If you’re a family that loves being active on holiday, then kayaking offers an alternative way to explore your destination, combining outdoor fun with adventure. The Mediterranean is perfect for kayaking with its glistening, warm waters and stunning scenery. See Amalfi from a different perspective as you paddle along the scenic coastline, past golden beaches and beneath naturally formed rock arches to Runhgetiello Grotto. Prior to your trip, a professional guide will provide you with an introductory lesson and safety advice.

White Water Rafting: The thrill of rushing along the rapids of the Balsa River in Costa Rica is unparalleled. Not only will it test your mettle as you navigate the wild waters, but it also lets you discover the country’s tropical scenery and local wildlife. Look out for monkeys and toucans hiding in the trees along the riverbank as you set off on this exciting adventure. Although this activity is mostly suited for families seeking an adrenalin rush, full instructions and a safety briefing will be given by an experienced guide beforehand, so you’ll always be in safe hands.

Zip Lining: Famous for its lush cloud forests, Costa Rica is the perfect place to experience zip lining on a whole new level. Covering 850 acres of protected land, Selvatura Park is home to incredible wildlife and a vast cloud forest where you can hang out with the monkeys in the treetops, although you will be travelling at some speed! You’ll definitely need a head for heights and a sense of adventure to participate in this adrenalin-fuelled activity. But don’t worry if it’s your first time zip lining as you’ll be given full safety instructions and tips on the best techniques.

Snorkelling: Boasting one of the most beautiful settings in Costa Rica, Isla Chora is the perfect spot for snorkelling. Beneath the shimmering, turquoise water lies an underwater world where you can get up close to a kaleidoscope of marine life. The area is relatively unpopulated above water but below, sea turtles, octopus, star fish and huge shoals of tropical fish can be seen. Swimming among these magnificent creatures as rays of sunlight beam down through the water is a mind-blowing and almost surreal experience that the family can enjoy together.

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