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It’s the same quandary that faces us all every January: how to make this year special. This is the month of New Year’s Resolutions, of concocting plans and goals, of unique adventures to look forward to.

Why not make this the year you try something new? Tripadvisor research suggests that globally, 69% of travellers tried (or at least planned to try) something new last year, and 47% of respondents in a survey said they would like to explore corners of the globe that none of their friends had visited.

This desire for something different and adventurous is growing all the time – and we’re all looking for easier ways to satisfy it too.

Kayaking in SpainKayaking in Spain

Mixed Activity Holidays

Mixed activity adventures are designed to help you do exactly that. Awake each morning buzzing, knowing today has something new in store for you. There will be at least one, if not two, different activities each day.

Not having to commit to a week of an activity you might not like, you’ll just get a taster of the best of each: the one-day highlight hike from the long-distance trail, just a morning’s taster of rock climbing to see if you like it, a bit of kayaking just for a change.

If you’re craving an escape that ticks that New Year’s Resolution of trying something new, we’ve got something up our sleeve.

Your Words, Not Ours

“Something about the Sierra de Aitana mixed activity week caught my eye almost immediately,” Exodus traveller Harriet Hunter-Purvis says. “It might have been the plethora of experiences the trip would offer me. It could have been the fact I love rock climbing. Whatever the reason, something about the diverse nature of the number of activities on offer excited me.”

Trending Now: Try Unique AdventuresPractising climbing and abseiling techniques

This thrilling exploration of Spain’s east coast offers the actively-minded a week like no other. The beauty of the Guadalest Valley, the towering Aitana mountains, and the deep gullies – all just 20 minutes inland from Valencia – was the backdrop for a week that Harriet says will stay with her forever.

Kayaking and paddleboardingKayaking and paddleboarding

“I’m a non-stop kind of girl,” she laughs. “To say that I was keen for each activity is an understatement, but it’s also true that I was frequently tested and pushed to my limit,” Harriet adds. “But within a week my leaders had become my family. My climbing skills became tools of exploration and my taste for Spanish cuisine dangerously ramped up!”

The key is choice. It’s about exploring one area from so many angles that you feel you’ve really gotten under the skin of it, with bags of adventure along the way. “Never could I imagine a future holiday of mine consisting of anything but mixed activity. My head and heart now seek variety, adventure, and a true test of nerve.”

Get inspired!

Here are just some of our favourite activities you could try this year… Canyoning in the Picos de Europa…Trending Now: Try Unique Adventures

Canyoning adventure

Building your own igloo like a survival expert in the Finnish wilderness

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Igloo building in Finland


Zip lining 700m above the treetops in Slovenia…

Trending Now: Try Unique AdventuresZip lining in Slovenia

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