Central America - Cycling

Anyone joining me on the Central America cycling trip, leaving March 15th? 



Hiya Natasha,

Yep, i'm really looking forward to cycling around new parts, cultures, architecture. It's my first time to CA and my first Exodus trip. I'm joining you all from NY - short term work appointment.

Only 4weeks to go....




I'm not sure which flight to take - i may head down there Friday aft/eve and spend more time exploring Granada. I'll let you know.



Hi there!  I'm doing the trip too, coming from Manchester UK.  Really looking forward to it, just got delivery of the Rough Guide Central Americas :-)   Steve


BTW Jill, I'll be on the Continental flight from Newark to meet up with the main group for the flight from Houston to Managua - are you using that flight from NY too? 


I am Bill, "William" on the joining instructions. I am travelling on the group flight from Gatwick. I have been on quite a few of these cycling trips. The last one was the Angkor Wat trip. A key feature of Thailand/Cambodia and Vietnam was that they were flat. I am a bit nervous about the C part of this trip's grade!



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