Land only anyone?

Is anyone else not going on the group flight? I am travelling on Thomson's from Gatwick and arrive at Agadir in the morning of the 22nd; If anyone else is doing the same, maybe we could share a taxi into town? I think from what I have read that's the best/easiest way to get from the airport to the centre


Hello Ayesha - I'm on that flight too. Staying in a Gatwick hotel the night before. Happy to share a taxi into Agadir, although I was told when I agreed to that flight that a free transfer could be arranged. We'll see what happens about that. Extra day in Agadir! Wooop!


Hi Abby

sorry for the slow response; I am sure I don't have a transfer in; maybe we can look out for each other at Agadir and share a taxi if you do not have a transfer; I'll have an exodus tag on my luggage;i've only just looked at travel to gatwick..did you get a good deal on a hotel?

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