Thai Indochina tour 29th July


Just booked my second exodus trip. This time i'm taking it a little easier. It would be nice to get to know a few of my fellow travellers before the trip.

Hope everyone's well 


Hi Stephen

Just booked this trip last week + joined this forum today. A great way to say hello before our trip.

Im Julie (or Jules). Im 38 + live in Newcastle. Im a geography teacher , so using my long summer hols to travel. I usually go away somewhere in the summer and have tended to do a mix of volunteer work and travel. This year Ive decided to take it easy and have everything planned for me! Looking forward to our trip.

PS - if you prefer, you can email me instead of chatting on here.

[email protected]


Hi Stephen,Hi julie,

My name is Gillian and I live in Leeds.This is my first exodus trip,although I have been to Thailand quite a few times ,but want to explore south east asia a little more.I am 60 years old in september,don,t feel it but time has the habit of creeping up on you,anyway I thought I,d better do this trip sooner rather than later.I,m looking forward to meeting all my fellow travellers,but hope we can chat before then. 

Hello Gillian. Hope you're well. I thought it was just Julie and myself for a moment. It's nice to see another Yorkshire traveller. I live in Sheffield, i know Leeds pretty well too though.

I hit 40 last week but i hope to feel 20 forever. I've never been to any of the countries we're visiting before so i'll be relying on your expertise while exploring Thailand. This is an unusual trip for me. I'm used to climbing things and trekking holidays so after trekking in the Himalayas and experiencing Kathmandu and Nepal last year i had a sudden urge to explore more of here i am.

How are you getting to Bangkok? Are you going on the exodus arranged flight from Heathrow or flying independently? I'll be flying from Heathrow via Kuala Lumpur. I'm sort of looking forward to the 6 hour transit in Kuala Lumpur on the return leg. Hopefully i'll get to leave the airport for a few hours to take some evening pictures of the Petronas Towers and the city.

Take care 



Hi Stephen,nice to hear from you,think there,s 8 people on our trip,maybe 2 couples and another single,we,ll find out soon even though,it will be nice meeting everyone.Flying to Bangkok through the exodus arranged flight,my aunt lives at Teddington, so travelling down the day before and getting the airport bus from hers.I,ve been to Bangkok a number of times,but never as far up as chang rai,last time we went to chang mai,but we usually go south to the islands.Hope we,ll be staying near the famous Koa san road in Bangkok,its quite an experience.Travelled through Malaysia about 4 years ago,and went to Kuala Lumpur,the Petronas Towers are amazing,especially when you see them through the water.Well better come off computer because I,m visiting my Dad today,he,s just come back from a Wendy Woo tour in China,but found it a bit too intense,so he,s getting plenty of rest,he,s 86 this month so hats off to him.

Bye for now,speak later,Gillan 


Hi Gillian

You are about a 10 min walk to Koa san road, turn left and left out of the hotel and walk straight and you cant miss it.

 Nick - Trip Manager


Hi Nick,thanks for letting me know about hotel,maybe its one I stayed in before.Really looking forward to this trip,thanks once again,Gillian

Hello Gillian, hope you're well. I've been looking at the Khao San Road. Looks a fantastic place. I'm getting a little photography obsessed so i think my head's going to be spinning for a whole month. I've been a little distracted by work the last couple of months but things are easing off and i'm just getting my head around what we're doing and where we're going. I've never really been on an organised tour like this before. I'm used to just pleasing myself and fulfilling my wanderlust. I'm sure i'll have plenty of opportunity to just wander off and explore off the beaten track.

I'm now going to start my packing list post-it note. My memory can be shocking at times. I think all the important things are sorted. I know it's not a walking holiday but i'll be taking my walking boots as i'll feel naked without them. I really can't wait to get waterproofed up and wander around in those South East Asian monsoon rains. 

By the looks of the trip notes we have 3 nights in Luang Prabang, Hoi-An and Siem Reap. We also have 2 night stays in Bangkok, Vang Vieng, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.

(Nick, could you give us the hotel names for these cities as i like to get my bearings beforehand, i understand that things could change but a rough heads up would be nice)

Looking forward to meeting you Gillian




Hi Steve,not long to go now,I,m really loolking forward to it.I,m now staying at the Heathrow Lodge the night before,due to disruption with public transport where my aunt lives,because of the olympics.Looked up the hotel in Bangkok,which is on your final joining notes, it looks really nice and not far from Khoa san rd,I,ll be able to visit my favourite restaurant Mai Kaidee,s,its vegetarian,which I,m not ,but wonderful food and very cheap.Well,bye for now and look forward to meeting you a week on sunday,gillian

Your restaurant sounds great. I hope you'll introduce us to it. I love trying all foods. Also, Julie's not a huge fan of meat so i'm sure she'll love it too.

A chap from Exodus has sent me an e-mail with all the probable hotel names that we'll be staying in. As much as i love aimlessly wandering, i also like to know which way to head as soon as i exit the hotel. That doesn't mean you can blame me when we get lost though.

We'll probably meet up at the airport somewhere. On my last Exodus trip, all my fellow trekkers were sat next to each other on the plane. It may be a similar scenario.

Take care Gillian, see you soon. 

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