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Challenge yourself with the thrill of outdoor rock climbing

Climbing Holidays

If you want to try rock climbing, but don’t want to commit to a whole week before knowing whether or not you like it, a mixed-activity adventure is perfect. Forget trying to figure it out as best you can in a sweaty, indoor climbing gym: get outside and see spectacular scenery while you learn the skills you need.

Rock climbing holidays are a daring, exciting way to spend time in the mountains. If you’re a keen walker or mountain biker wanting to mix it up, spending one day of your next mountain escape trying rock climbing is a brilliant place to start...

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Climbing Adventure Holidays

But is it suitable for beginners?

Rock climbing trips with Exodus allow you to learn from the very beginning. We only offer top rope climbing; this means that you climb in a harness, with your rope securely passing through an anchor system at the top of the route. Below you, a second person (the belayer) stands with the other end of the rope, ensuring your safety if you fall. This is probably the easiest way to try rock climbing, and one of the safest ways to ascend.

When joining one of our rock climbing trips, you’ll learn all the essentials you need to know. You’ll learn how to move on the rock, how to approach different holds and be given instruction on footwork – in fact, everything to ensure your time on the rock is as enjoyable and safe as possible. You’ll soon have the confidence to try higher climbs – and, of course, abseiling down is just as exciting. 
All the basics are covered to ensure you’re safe as possible, all the gear is included so you know you’re kitted out with good-quality equipment, and no previous experience is necessary. All you need is a head for heights and a sense of adventure!

This trip really does do a great job of showcasing what an amazing country Jordan is - taking you...

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