20th August Slovenia Mixed Activity


I am going on the Slovenia mixed activity week on 20th August and thought it might be good to start a chat up before we go.

I'm 32 based in London and this is my first exodus trip, in fact it's my first solo trip since I went travelling 6 years ago. Ive been to Slovenia once before in 2007 and really loved it, looking forward to going back.


Hi Tom,

I am also on the 20th August Slovenia holiday. I'm 28 and this is my first Exodus tour too. I've never been to Slovenia either but really looking forward to seeing the country and all the activities. Where did you go last time you were in Slovenia?


Hi Tom, Malika,

Great to be in touch before we go! I'm 32 and am based in London also.

I've done one or two Exodus trips before, mainly cycling ones, but I tried their Turkey multi-activity last year and loved it for something different. I've never been to Slovenia and have heard great things so thought I would give this one a go!

I'm hoping to stay injury free though as this is my week off before I start a new job the Monday after we get back!

Look forward to meeting everyone,


Hey both!

I went to bled, bovec and Ljubljana last time I went, was amazing so really looking forward to going again. Less than a month now.

Weirdly, I am actually starting a new job a week after we get back too...moving to a new city as well ... I obviously booked the holiday before I got the job as probably not best timings

So do you know if all the group are on the same flight?


Hey everyone!

I'm 28 based in Coventry (Midlands) and this will be my second trip with exodus, last year I did the Multi-Activity trip in turkey - different dates to you Emma, probably.

Really looking forward to it and want to stay injury free too - I've got a half marathon the weekend afterwards.

Based on the turkey one last year, I think we all usually end up on the same group flights there and back.

Hi Adam, Emma and Tom,

Emma and Adam I'm jealous you got to do the Turkey trip, it looks amazing and I was looking at it this year but they cancelled it, maybe for the best with everything that's happening in the country though.

I would imagine everyone who booked flights with Exodus would be on the same flight. I actually booked mine separately as I'm spending a few days in Croatia before coming home but I'm booked on the same flight as everyone going out there. Tom you'll have to give me some tips for Ljubljana as I'm spending a night there before going to Croatia after our trip!

2 weeks from now we'll be close to landing in Slovenia! Can't wait.


I'm also booked on this holiday and really looking forward to it. I've trekked the Amalfi Coast with Exodus before and it was a great holiday so fingers crossed this one will be just as good.
Looking forward to meeting you all in Stansted. Its my first holiday like this and first time to Slovenia but I hear it beautiful.

Cheers Toni

Hi all,

Peter & Lois here (not of Family Guy - I hasten to add) but from Bradford-on-Avon. looking forward to a good trip, good weather and good company.
See you all later this week.

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