Iceland Grand Tour 12 - 26 June

Hi there - just wondering if anyone else out there is booked onto the Iceland Grand Tour trip from 12-26 June. I'm travelling solo so it's always nice to touch base with other people on the trip before leaving. Would be great to hear from anyone. Am already really looking forward to the 24 hours of daylight!

Paul & 1 are joining the trip 12th-26th June. We'll be flying Icelandair from Glasgow, so would be pleased to talk to anyone else who might be interested in taxi sharing from Kevlavik.
We are also looking forward to the long days, which we really enjoyed on the Exodus Spitzbergen trip a few years ago. We enjoy birdwatching, geology and flowers, and hope that the weather is good enough to see plenty of all 3.

Hi Steph!
Great to hear from a fellow traveller - I look forward to meeting you and Paul in June. A friend has now booked to join me on the trip so I won't be travelling solo any more, so I'm hoping it will be even more fun.

I'm not much of a bird watcher (I prefer mammals but have no idea what to expect from them in Iceland) but I love photography so am hoping for some amazing landscapes to take shots of.

I'm travelling from London on the group flight so will be getting the organised transfers to the hotel, so can't share a cab I'm afraid. Hope you find someone who can.

Are you actually from Glasgow or nearby? I have a dear friend in Dundee (who I met on another Exodus trip) so have been visiting Scotland a lot in recent years and love it so much.

Look forward to hearing more from you and meeting you in June - I'm starting to doing some reading up on the history of the country so I know at least a few basic facts when I arrive ;-)

Take care

Hello Karen. We look forward to meeting you in June. As far as Icelandic mammals are concerned, we hope to see Arctic foxes, the only naturally occurring land mammal, and reindeer (introduced in the 18th century). The stars are the marine mammals - 15 species of whales & dolphins ( including Minke, humpback, blue, sperm and killer whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises) plus several sorts of seal (mainly common and Atlantic grey). The Whale watching will definitely be on our to-do list!
We're from Cumbria, living about 20 miles south of the Scottish Border, so we visit Scotland often.
Only 2 months to go before the trip!
Stephanie & Paul

Hi everyone. I am looking forward to meeting you on the trip. I am travelling on my own and will be flying out of Toronto, Canada although I live in Ottawa. I will be arriving on the Saturday and staying overnight at our starting hotel. I enjoy bird watching, the flowers, the animals and taking pictures of everything. I usually get carried away with the picture taking. Not very often I meet another Karen and even spelled the same way.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Hi - welcome to the group other Karen! That will be easy to remember.

Glad to hear there's another photographer in the group so I won't be the only one snapping away and holding everyone up ;-)

Thanks for the news about the mammals Steph - I was reading about the arrival of the foxes by raft the other day ;-) While I would love to see the whales and dolphins, I'm terrified on boats out in the open sea so I might have to pass on that extra. I'll be fine on the lagoon boat trip I think as I'm ok when it's nice and calm but can't cope with being out in the waves. So I might just have to do a knitting trip while everyone else is out in the boats.

Now I just need to try and get a bit fitter by doing some more walking so I'm not the one huffing and puffing at the back.


You definitely won't be holding us up Karen! Paul is very slow (dodgy knees), so we'll be well to the back of the pack on any walks, and may have to cut some short if time is pressing.

Definitely getting excited about the trip. Just received my joining information. Just over a month now.

Hope everyone is really excited - only a few days to go. I know the weather is going to be unpredictable but forecast is to reach 17 degrees in a few places. Positively tropical for Iceland.

Had a brief panic as the trip notes said bed linen wasn't provided in the basic hotels but I checked with Exodus and they don't tell people to take sleeping bags, which is a relief as I don't have enough room for one!

Not sure I'm going to bother with my water proof trousers (I hate them) so am hoping my quick dry walking trousers will be enough. Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to those hot pots. ;-)

See you all on Sunday xx

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