Hi, I am a little confused re tipping and kitties. On the trip notes, there is mention of
A) the leader normally suggests to the group that they give approximately £60 (US$100) in local currency to him/her on arrival. This money may then be used for bottled water; tipping of hotel staff; local guides and group meals etc. It is basically to ensure that the hassle is taken out of various activities for you. An accounts book is kept to ensure that you know how the money is spent. If there is money left at the end of the trip, it is refunded to you. Please note this is optional.
b)Our local staff are paid well and fairly for their work with Exodus and tipping is at your discretion for both the leader and the local staff. However we would like to advise that tipping is part of the local culture and generally expected. If you do wish to tip, we have found it useful for the group to have a kitty for tipping - about £15 (approx. US$25) per person, this can ease confusion and embarrassment of not knowing how much or how little to tip local staff (such as drivers, cooks and guides). If you do not wish to join in on the group kitty, do not feel pressured.
c) Many clients also wish to tip their leaders at the end of the trip, we suggest £15 ($20). This is completely at your own discretion and to be used as a guideline only.
Both a) and B appear to be for the same thing or am I reading this wrong? I have no issue with the kitty, or tipping, just trying to work out my money before I go ;-)

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Hi there

Can you confirm which trip (name or Trip Code) you are looking at. I can then clarify on the advice and update our literature accordingly. Apologies for the confusion.


Hi, sorry for the delay in replying-I have had some problems posting. The code is AMS
Many Thanks

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