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Kilimanjaro - Rongai Route - Dep Oct 9th

Booked this trip a week ago, and even though its still a long way off, Im really excited about going!

 It would seem that the trip is booked as the date has been removed from the site, so hopefully some of you on the same trip may drop in here so we can all say hello! Bo good to swap tips, ideas and anything else Kili-related.


Hi there Nick - I'm going out on this departure too.  I'm really looking forward to it although already nervous about getting fit enough.  I'm trying to plan a training schedule round other summer holidays and commitments which means it'll take from now until October to have any chance of getting fit.  Exodus are doing a talk on Killi on 15th April, which I'm going to try to get to - I guess finding out as much as possible beforehand will help? Have you walked at altitude before?



Ahhhhh, Im so relieved someone else has posted for the same dates as me! :)

Rest assured, I have absolutely no trekking, hiking, climbing experience whatsoever. I blame the Comic Relief lot, heard something on the radio about them, had time to kill so did a google search...and a few hours later I was booked up!

The fitness thing isnt something Im so worried about, I know I can get fit...and have even started my fitness program LOL...I live near the South Downs too, so will be getting out and walking along the cliffs there as much as possible.

I think my fears are about the 'unknown' stuff....how I will be at altitude, what if it rains all day long en route, what if my luggage gets lost, what if my hired coat is too small....stuff like that.

Making sure I have the right kit is a worry too.

I cant go to the slideshow thing, cant afford a trip to London really...so would be interested to get an update from you on that!

Are you travelling alone or as part of a party? Im a lone traveller...so hope we have a nice bunch


Hey there, I think I'm on the same trip as you guys.  My trip date is from Oct. 10th to Oct. 17th.  I'm pretty excited and worried about trying to summit Kili!  I'm trying to prepare for this trip by training for a marathon.  But from what I understand, the altitude is the killer. 

Do you know if we will be able to rent some trekking poles there?  Or do we request the rental before hand?  or bring our own?  I have some but I'm not really interested in taking them with me if I don't have to. 

What I really hope is that it doesn't rain.  I'm really not into rain.    


Hi there guys,

Glad to get acquainted with two of the group before we go.  Are you going to try out the diamox before you go (as they tend to recommend)? I'm in two minds about it, but I guess anything is worth a try - I've walked at a bit over 4000 metres before and that was bad enough, so 5800 plus is going to be pretty severe!

All the more incentive to train I guess,


Hi there,

Yes Exodus do send out kitbags, but they only send them about two or three weeks before the trip - I think they only send them to people within the UK too, so if you're travelling beforehand and want a bag, it'd be worth phoning them just to make sure you get yours in time. I don't know about inspiration - on the Inca trail I got sick on the very first day! I'll never know for sure if it was AMS or just a stomach bug because on the first day you actually start relatively low (thankfully the guides didn't seem to think it was AMS), but I recovered really quickly and the rest of the trek, at higher altitude, was fine. The guides actually thought it tmight have been something to do with my Malarial meds, so I'm quite keen to test out any medication beforehand this time. Everything seems to affect you differently at altitude unfortunately, just to add to the challenge!




im not on your trip but am leaving later in October. I see that someone mentioned that they had hired the jacket and sleeping bage. I was wondering how you did that. Is it through the exodus website or do i have to contact someone else.

 I hope your trip goes really well. im really looking forward to it.



Hi kate

Yeah, I have hired jacket and bag ... I did it thru exodus when I booked...Im sure if you contact them they can advise you! Good lucck with your Kili trip!!!

hi there, I also hired jacket and a sleeping mat.  You can just phone the exodus sales team and discuss with them what you'll need.  They recommend placing your orders sooner rather than later, but that'sjust to make sure of stock of everything. good luck!



Thanks both of you. I think ill hire a jacket at least as dont want to be struggling to keep warm.

Hope your climbs go well aswell.



sleeping mat sounds interesting .... I might hire one of those too. I currently have a thin foam mat thats about 2mm thick. Will be about as comfortable as piles methinks. Have decided I may bring a pillow with me too ... I tried to sleep with my travel pillow on a weekend away, probably had the worst nights sleep ever!

Looks like there hasn't been much activity on this blog in awhile so I'll keep it short. I was able to book the last spot on this trek. I'm from New Westminster, British Columbia where it rains allot. I was wondering if anyone is booked on the Kenya & Tanzania Adventure starting Oct 18th. I hope everyone is getting pumped for the trek.


Im not doing any other trip ... LOL, couldnt afford another one...I actually checked my invoice today to see when the balance was due. Seeing both the date and the amount of money I have to pay scared me more than Kilimanjaro ever could!!

 I am really looking forward to it though..should be great fun!!


but I couldnt reply...the address wasnt recognised (looks like a work one??)

 Wrote quite a long reply to you too! :(

 Drop me an email again from another addy and I can respond!


It's great to have another Canadian on board with me!  I actually lived in Vancouver for 2 yrs, so I understand the whole BC rain situation!  I'm not doing the Kenya and Tanzania Adventure but I am doing a safari trip prior to the climb (and with a different tour operator).  Did you sign up for the Kenya and Tanzania trip?  If so, how are you getting to Nairobi after the climb coz I'm heading that way...

Anyway, I've been super busy with getting my affairs in order before I leave on my trip, which starts July 13th.  So If you don't hear from me again, I'm really sorry. 

I can't wait to meet everybody in person in October!!


I keep checking back to see if anyone else comes and says hello :)

 I cant believe its only about a month away now! I have finally started my fitness routine LOL ... and I am quietly confident my fitness should be OK ... Regarding Malarials ... I am actually going to take some prior to going, and will probably take some when I come down from altitude too .... they only cost me about £3, and whilst there isnt any risk at altitude, its piece of mind for the day or so before and after Kilimanjaro.

 Nice to hear from you by the way!


I did this trip in July - posted my review on the website.  If anyone has any questions please let me know and will help in any way I can.  You will have such a fab time! ;-)



Hi Nick

Tell me about your malaria tablets?  Is there such a thing you can take before you climb at altitude and then start taking again when you come down?  I always thought you had to take a course of pills.  Exodus says they can sometimes make you sleepy? (I definitely don't need that!)  Any info would be useful!



Hi everybody, and a question for Lainey.  Just how bad was the altitude sickness, did everyone actually get ill or did people just struggle on? I'm getting really quite excited and nervous now as it's all getting closer - I'm training, but it's hard to know if you're doing enough so your first hand experience would be useful. I read your review and that sounded encouraging. I did the Inca trail last year which wasn't as tough as i expected, but that's not to say it was a walk in the park either and I know this is MUCH harder, help!


Hi Frankie,

 Well altitude sickness hit us all at different times, apart from maybe one.  12 of us went on the trip, 9 of us made it.  In fact, the 3 who didn't were 2 fit guys (18 and 30s) and a lady who had done it before.  Fitness helps, and we'd all tried to train a bit (time permitting) but the body's ability to deal with altitude was the key.  Mine wasn't great, I suffered badly from day 2, but luckily I'd taken Diamox with me and Obate, our chief, told me to take it, along with the Nurofen and Dioreze, lol!  But I made it, and to be fair I prob suffered the most in the group for the course of the trek.  Your team is really important, and from the sound of it you're a fab group, so you will be fine.  I was expecting a lot of fitness fanatics, but we were downing beer the night before the trek at the hotel, and the last night afterwards, well, lets just say we all had very sore heads the next day!  Just reading another post tho, do take anti malerials...for the whole duration...I got bitten 3 times at the hotel before we set off.


Ki Karina,

 I had to go into hospital as soon as I got back and the first thing they investigated for was malaria. You are in Tanzania after all (!) and from the time you hit the airport there is a risk.  You do spend a day at the hotel before and after, plus we did the one day safari.  Maleria isn't nice so just not worth the risk.  Every single one of us tool anti malarials, and used mozzi spray, it was only me who took Diamox.  Most of us took Malerone, the most expensive anti malarial but few side effects.

By the way, be prepared, Diamox makes you wee alot and gave me an upset stomach.  I only took it from day 2 when I needed to.  Hadn't planned to take it but took it with me just in case.  Dioreze is just a diarrhoea calming drug, you should take it along, together with loads of headache pills.  But don't worry too much, some people hardly suffered from altitude, better to be prepared cos you just dont know.  You will have an awesome time honestly, it really is the trip of a lifetime :-) Obate was our chief guide, btw.


Thank you very much Lainey - that's so useful because from this end, I just can't imagine how hard it will be or how possible it is to just plod on and keep going!  I'm training and everything obviously, but you can't tell how strong you'll be on the day. I've just checked with Exodus and there will be 10 of us on the trip, mostly girls and I guess we'll all just have to encourage each other. Re. Malarials, it's a very personal decision about whether to take them -I think it's worth checking with a pharmacist or travel clinic or doctor and asking lots of questions.  I took Malarone for the first time in Peru but was desperately sick and wobbly on the first trek day (after 5 days on the tablets), which the guide thought was a Malarone/Altitude interaction.  The risk is small on this trip (for two days) but, it's still there. Anyway, thanks for your comments, it's making it seem more real!


Im also not looking forward to heaps of rain ... fingers crossed we will be lucky and not get much!

I have the cheapest waterproofs LOL ... I have a 'kag in a bag' - £4

Key guys,

 I dont want to but into your group, but just stay warm. We were minus 20 summit night and despite loads of layers and a down jacket I froze.  I had two pairs of really good gloves.  My hands froze.  My feet froze.  So take the best thermals you can, and loads of layers, you need pretty much all your clothes on the last night.

 Hey, but we made it, as you will!! :-)


Hi Kolly, do you know what homoeopathic stuff to take - if not - Coca is the main altitude remedy and for Malaria its usually either China or Artemesia.  I'm thinking of brining some homoeopathic Coca myself as I can't take Diamox (sorry if you know all this, but I did quite a lot of homoeopathic training a few years ago).  Lainey - thanks for encouraging our group - it helps! The cold is my worst fear (apart from altitude sickness) and a friend of mine who goes diving has lent me her all-in-one thermal thingy for under a diving dry suit - it's basically a giant babygrow! So that will be underneath mountains of other layers probably - not attractive, but practical hopefully!  I've also been recommended handwarmers (great for skiing too), but feet are a bit harder to keep warm.


I also worry about the cold ... I dont have the best kit either. The handwarmers idea is a good one and I may buy some. Tesco have some that look OK...I may put them between my two sets of gloves


**do not bother with the tesco handwarmers mentioned above*

 They dont seem to get warm...which defeats their purpose really. (makes mental note to return them to the store for a refund)


I think I'll go to a proper trek shop for hand warmers then!  My friend gets extremely cold so her rucksack will  be full of them!  We did a 5/6 hour walk yesterday which was fine although her boots are still giving her blisters.

I don't know much about homeopathic stuff but I'm being sent the remedies in the next few days.  She says they're very effective.  I'm in her hands!  We've also already raised £1500 on our Just giving website which is great!

Hi to everyone on this trip - I can't believe we'll be off next week - I still don't feel ready but here's hoping we all make it and have a great experience, without too many mishaps.

 Look forward to meeting everyone in just a little over a week!

Bon voyage!



I remember when I first booked this trip ... and I had to scroll waaaay down the page for the Oct departures ...and here we are at the top of the pile ... See you all in a week or so!

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