Kailas circuit - 27th May

Hi.  I'm signed up on this trip and very much looking forward to it.  Do say hello if you're on the trip too.  Cheers,


Hello Nick
I am booked on this trip. Looking forward to going back to Kathmandu. This will be my first time in Tibet. Are you in London too?


Hi Arrvind.  Yes I am in London.  I've been to Tibet (and Kathmandu) a few times but never this far west.  I'm really looking forward to it too, and trying to get fit enough to cope with the high-altitude walking.  Cheers, Nick

Hi Nick
I am trying to get fit too which is not easy with a dodgy knee. Hope your fitness regime is going well. I am so looking forward to this trip. Well, have a great Easter. Cheers.


Hello Folks, I am also going- looking forward to meeting you. I hope Tibet is a bit warmer than Argyll is at the moment- should be drier, anyway! I've never been to Tibet or Nepal, but concerned about the altitude, as my wife & I suffered a bit of AMS in the Simien Mts , Ethiopia, at 12000ft:no acclimatisation, though. Hoping to do a training trip in the Cairngorms next week if there isn't too much snow. I can't do anything about my age, though.  See you, Peter

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