Visa from Burmese Embassy

I am travelling to Mayanmar on 12th January on the cycle Burma tour. Could anyone advise of the length of time the Burmese Embassy takes to process a visa (it states 10 working days on the website). I sent my application off at the begining of December and that is begining to feel like along time ago and I am becoming a little bit nervous at the length of time it's taking. Any re-assurance would be gratefully recieved.



Normally it takes about 10 working days (as you seen on the website), but it seems like they are very busy these days. I think it is a combination of Christmas time as well as peak season for Burma. I have already heard about slight delays with visas, but nothing major!

I would suggest you will try to follow up with Burmese embassy about your apllication. I think there is no need to panic, as there is still some time to your departure!

Hi, my visa came through in 3 weeks from posting via special delivery. I sent mine off at the end of November. Enjoy your trip :)

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