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Past Projects

Our Past Projects

Over the last couple of decades we have invested in many community- based social and environmental impact projects across the globe. Read more about the positive difference we have made and how we have continuously strived to improve life through travel.


  • The Café project – Providing local women with training in culinary skills at a non-profit restaurant and café in central Marrakesh.
  • The Tighza Project, 2010 – Our most successful volunteer trip to date. A two-day medical clinic was set up where over 10% of the village’s population sought medical assistance. In conjunction with the Forestry Commission and the local Caid, one day was spent planting 220 saplings and another was spent painting the three functioning classrooms at Tighza School. Matt Ashton of Exodus also fixed more than a dozen leaks in the village’s water pipes.
  • The Get Involved Project, 2012 – Exodus successfully built a water tower which now provides running water to the poorer village homes. An annual medical clinic is now in operation in Animeter, and an eco-friendly Hammam has been built to help mitigate hygiene problems as well as provide employment opportunities for local villagers.
  • Disaster relief, 2014 – This storm caused widespread damage across Morocco. Exodus raised £9,000 and rebuilt 21 homes from the ground, up.
South Africa and Zimbabwe
  • The inspiration project – Uniting disadvantaged children with the wonders of the world on their very doorsteps, in Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa & Zimbabwe.
  • The Hot Meals Project, 2012 – 2013 – We partnered with the Kindu Trust to provide hot meals to every child that visited the centre in Gondor. During this period, a total of 1903 nourishing hot meals were served to the children and young people attending the Kindu Klub and Playgroup.
  • The Simien Mountains Medical Project 2012 – Our donation facilitated the running of a First Aid course for the National Park Scouts and Guides. Several First Aid kits were also donated and are now in use throughout the park.
  • The Rest House Project, 2019 – we donated US$1000 towards building a rest house next to a maternity clinic.
  • The Smokeless Stoves Project, 2012 – Exodus donated £21,697 to implement 140 smokeless stoves in seven villages and trained 70 members of the community on how to use these sustainably. This will reduce exposure to pollutants from burning wood which were causing severe eye and lung problems among villagers.
  • The Farm for the Future Project, 2017 – We donated £5,000 to engage local experts to train women to farm and sell their produce more effectively and widely to different communities. Eventually, they will connect these farmers with local hotels and tour operators where they can sell their produce more efficiently on a broader scale.
  • Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, 2022 – We supported the delivery of ‘Village Savings And Loans’ workshops that empowered participants to better manage money and generate alternative streams of income. These community led, micro-savings classes helped the local mountain crew to overcome social and financial barriers and increase economic opportunities. Over 100 people benefitted from the workshops.
  • The Masai Community Projects, 2010 – We have supported the secondary education of 11 children at the Balanites School by providing books, furniture, a water tank, new toilets, and kitchen equipment.
  • The Clinic Project, 2013 – we provide the Aitong Health Clinic, which serves local communities, in the Masai Mara with a regular supply of essential drugs and equipment, both for maternity & dental wards.
  • The Ilbaan and Oloosokon Community Projects, 2018 – 2019 – We partnered with the Maa Trust to build a rainwater collection point at the centre of the village. This has provided clean and safe drinking water for human consumption, providing 1200 Oloosokon residents with access to nearly 7 litres of water.
  • The Mara Watch Project, 2012– thanks to funds raised by our clients, we have now erected several chain-link fences which act as shields for livestock from nearby lions as well as financial protection for local farmers who depend on this income.
  • The Safe project – Supporting various educational workshops and cultural campaigns to end FGM (female genital mutilation) in the Maasai Mara.

The Americas

  • The Café Project – This project facilitated a vocational training site for young adults with disabilities in Cusco, creating employment opportunities within their community. In 2018, Exodus’ contribution funded the first three months of the café operationally, which directly benefitted 15 local young people.
  • The Rainbow Centre Project – In 2002, in the small town of Urubamba, nestled in the Inca Sacred Valley, The Rainbow Centre was established which was the only haven of its kind to offer specialist support to those with disabilities in the surrounding area. Exodus provided sustained support for the community centre between the years 2007-2011 which allowed the centre to continue its incredible work both in its outreach programmes and with its regular visitors. 


  • The Thulopatel Water Project, 2004- Thulopatel is a remote village in the Dolakha district of Nepal. Through kind donations from Exodus trekkers, we raised enough money to install water pipes in the village to provide villagers with access to fresh and clean running water. In December 2018, Exodus also funded the installation of water tanks and pipes in lower Thulopatel where villagers now have standpipes much closer to their homes.
  • The Rebuild Project, 2015 – 2016 – We teamed up with Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF)to build seven earthquake-proof schools in rural areas of Nepal following the devasting earthquake of 2015. This work also provided community nutrition kitchens and reconstruction training for local homeowners.
  • Sal and Mahua Schools – Marrying community education and empowerment to bolster the conservation of endangered Bengal Tigers near Bandhavgarh National Park in India
  • The Medical Outreach Project, 2015 – Exodus funded the purchase of new vehicles for the Corbett Foundation; an Indian non-profit charitable trust dedicated to conservation-orientated research, which were used for mobile medical units offering primary healthcare to villagers in rural India.
  • The Solar Pump Project, 2016 – We installed 10 solar-powered water pumps in and around Bandhavgarh National Park. The installation safeguarded an adequate water supply for wildlife and patrolling staff during the dry season.
  • The Cattle Culture Project, 2015 -2016 – Exodus sponsored the purchase a Hydroponic Fodder Growing System which produces 150-200 kg of green fodder every day. This offers an alternative to stall-feed and prevents animals grazing in the forest, where they are at risk of wild animal attacks.
  • The Sanitation Project, 2020 – This project provided household sanitation blocks for 29 households. The impact of the project reduced the rate of illness in the village whilst it simultaneously aided local women’s safety.
  • The Nong Kham School Project, 2012 – With the help of our generous clients along with the Baraka Community Partnership, in 2012 Exodus funded the building of a new school in the village of Nong Kham, situated in a remote area on the banks of the Ou River. The school is a two-classroom structure with a separate toilet block which, for eight years now, has housed 40 local schoolchildren.
  • The Vang Lei Village Project, 2014 – Here, we helped to install a new water system with over 10km of pipes, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water for 75 families in the village. In the same village, a Kilimanjaro summit by Exodus’ former marketing director afforded the funds needed to provide new equipment and learning materials for the pre-school.
Sri Lanka
  • The Yala Leopards Project, 2010 – This initiative provided local farmers with steel cattle pens to reduce predation from young leopards which should in turn prevent revenge killings.
  • The Back to Life Project, 2004-2009 – Exodus teamed up with Back to Life NGO to help rebuild 25 homes after the Tsunami devastated much of the island nation. We continued to offer essential aid in the years that followed while Sri Lanka began to rebuild.
  • The Vulture Project, 2013-2014 –  We are partnered with SAVE (Save Asia’s Vultures from Extinction); a consortium of like-minded organisations across the globe that are campaigning for the protection of critically endangered vultures. Exodus have pledged £20,000 to support the conservation of three species of vultures whose rapid decline is owed to fatal poisoning by veterinary drugs through vultures’ feeding on the carcasses of treated cattle. The SAVE Project educates farmers on alternative drugs that are just as effective in treating cattle.


  • The Wild Oulanka Project (supported by Exodus Adventure Travels) – Since 2016, we have partnered with WildOulanka Foundation; a group dedicated to the promotion of biodiversity through sustainable forestry practises in the Finnish wilderness, to expand the volume and efficacy of carbon sinks and wildlife corridors in the remote area between the Russian and Finnish border. Now, for every guest that travels to Oulanka with us, funds are donated to the preservation of this corridor and since the initiatives’ inception, the area has seen a return of several species, including bears. The forest equates to a carbon sink of 23,480 tonnes which is over and above the emissions generated by all our UK based customers travelling to Finland.
Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia & Italy
  • The Pans Parks Projects (supported by Exodus Adventure Travels) – Between 2007-2011, Exodus Adventure Travels partnered with PAN Parks, a Europe-wide organisation founded by WWF, which promotes tourism as a tool for wilderness and nature conservation. Through our holidays and over several years, we co-financed local projects with a focus on promoting biodiversity, expanding carbon sinks, and protecting true wilderness in four National Parks in four different European countries.

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