Our cycling holidays take you on incredible climbs and exhilarating descents in some of the world’s best destinations, but it’s not all about your time on the saddle. We make every moment of our trips count – whether you’re a history buff looking to visit ornate palaces and cathedrals along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, a foodie looking to indulge in Italian delicacies on a cycling trip in Sardinia or the adventurous type who is looking to pair an adrenaline-pumping ride across Namibia’s towering sand dunes with a jeep safari, we’ve got a holiday to suit every kind of cyclist. Read on to see some of our favourite cycling pairings for different travel styles below. 

4 Incredible Cycling Trips To Suit Your Travelling Style

Croatia For History Lovers

From ancient ruins and medieval architecture to Venetian and Ottoman influences, Croatia’s diverse historical landmarks promise a captivating journey through time for cycling enthusiasts eager to explore the layers of its past.

On our Cycling Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast trip, you’ll begin in Split, which boasts the UNESCO-listed Diocletian’s Palace, a Roman imperial residence turned city within a city, before taking a ferry to Stari Grad on Hvar Island. Here, you’ll enjoy a circular ride along old Roman roads and a rewarding uphill ascent to a viewpoint overlooking the island of Brac. On your descent, you’ll visit the island’s main town, filled with historical sites including the 16th Century Cathedral of St. Stephen, the Gothic Rector’s Palace and the Arsenal, a 13th Century naval warehouse and shipyard in the town’s lively main square.

Next, it’s onto Korčula, where the main town is often considered one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Mediterranean. Founded in the 12th century, Korčula has been influenced by various civilisations, including the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and the Ottoman Empire. Its strategic location made it an important centre for trade and maritime activities. And one of the most notable historical figures associated with Korčula is Marco Polo, the famous Venetian explorer and merchant. While there is some debate about his actual birthplace, legend has it that Marco Polo was born in Korčula in 1254. You may even see the alleged house of Marco Polo, a popular tourist attraction in the town.

After more island hopping and a free day in Lumbarda, your trip ends in Dubrovnik, the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Here, you’ll get to explore inside the iconic City Walls and visit key historical landmarks including the Cathedral of the Assumption, Fort Lovrijenac, Sponza Palace and the Rector’s Palace, which transports visitors to the golden age of the Republic of Ragusa. 

4 Incredible Cycling Trips To Suit Your Travelling Style

Africa For Adventure Lovers

Namibia’s vast and diverse landscapes offer a unique playground for thrill-seekers and a seemingly endless number of otherworldly backdrops for intrepid cyclists. From the towering red dunes and surreal petrified forests around the Sossusvlei area in the Namib Desert to the salt pans, savannah, and waterholes in Etosha National Park, Namibia beckons with its untouched beauty – and on our Cycle Namibia trip, you get to cycle along the sand dunes and enjoy game drives across Etosha in search of elephants, rhinos and lions.

For one and a half days during this adventure, you’ll be exploring these challenging yet rewarding terrains on a modified fat bike. The fat tires provide stability on the shifting sands, allowing cyclists to navigate the undulating dunes with relative ease. The freedom afforded by fat biking also enables you to cover substantial distances, including morning cycles through the Namib-Naukluft Desert and an adrenaline-pumping ride across the dunes surrounding Swakopmund on days five and six. And on this trip, you can also pair your cycling experience with a delicious braai (barbecue) under the African night sky.

4 Incredible Cycling Trips To Suit Your Travelling Style

Indochina For Culture Lovers 

On our Cycle Indochina & Angkor, you get to experience cycling through three different countries, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Marked as Level 3 (Moderate), you’ll have nine days cycling on mostly well-paved routes and easy dirt roads in Vietnam and Thailand, however, there may be higher amounts of traffic near larger cities and towns, so you should be comfortable riding in occasionally busy traffic. Starting your journey in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, and ending in the vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, your route is designed to immerse you in each country’s distinctive cultural highlights with visits to ancient cities, world-renowned temples and colourful markets where you can taste their regional delicacies. 

Your first cultural pitstop on this cycling holiday will be the ancient town of Ayutthaya. Located just north of Bangkok, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is known as the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam. Serving as a cultural and economic centre of Thailand for over 400 years, today visitors can now wander through the impressive temple complexes to see the beautiful stupas in Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the riverside temple of Wat Chaiwatthanaram and Wat Mahathat which has a distinctive Buddha head, intertwined in tree roots.  

After riding through eucalyptus plantations, rice fields and reservoirs you’ll head across the Cambodian border where you’ll spend the first two full days exploring the impressive complex of Angkor on a bus and by bike, heading to Angkor Wat, the Bayon, Angkor Thom and Banteay Srei. While in Vietnam, the cultural exploration continues, with a cycle along the banks of the mighty Mekong River, known as the “Rice Bowl of Vietnam”. Here, you’ll get to enjoy a dinner and overnight homestay experience at a guesthouse and hear about what life is like on the river. Before heading to Ho Chi Minh City where your trip concludes, you’ll also have time to visit its cottage industries, where you can try coconut candy, popped rice and pancakes.  

4 Incredible Cycling Trips To Suit Your Travelling Style

Italy For Food Lovers

Blessed with turquoise coves, glistening white sands and ancient ruins Sardinia is a spectacular place to explore on two wheels. And on our Cycling in Sardinia trip, your cycling route will cover key sections along the southwest coast, including the Sinis Wetlands, where pink flamingos populate the lagoons, the archaeological ruins of Punic and the Roman city of Tharros and the Costa Verde, before your path veers to visit the abandoned mines of Pranu Sartu. Alongside the spectacular scenery and fascinating historical landmarks, the coastal road you follow will also lead you towards vibrant local food markets and the quaint fishing villages of Marceddi and Carloforte, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample local delicacies and experience the island’s gastronomic delights. 

There’s no denying that the small Mediterranean island of Sardinia has a distinct culinary identity. And with its turbulent history, some of Sardinia’s staple cuisines draw on influences from a variety of different cultures including Arabic, Spanish, Greek, Egyptian and Roman dishes. One local favourite is Porceddu, a beloved dish featuring roasted suckling pig, seasoned with local herbs. When it comes to seafood, Bottarga, also known as “Sardinian caviar” stands out—a delicacy made from cured and dried fish roe, grated over pasta for a burst of intense, salty flavour. Other dishes to look out for when you’re in the local fishing villages include Fregola con Arselle (Sardinian pasta with small clams) and Cassola, a traditional Sardinian fish soup, made with a variety of fish and shellfish, seasoned with tomatoes, saffron and local herbs.

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