From the vivid tulip fields of Holland to the botanical paradise of Madeira, these five European destinations explode with colour in the springtime. Not only will you experience the blooming flora of each place, but when you visit during the months of March and May, you’ll also enjoy warmer temperatures and less-crowded streets. 

Sierra de Aitana Mountains in bloom

Experience the almond blossom season in the Sierra de Aitana Massif 

As the temperatures begin to rise in Andalucia, Spring spreads vibrant colours across the valleys, and lingering rays of sunshine reflect on the Mediterranean waters. Away from the crowds of Costa Blanca, Sierra de Aitana is a rugged massif that tumbles down to the sea. In March, the almond trees that cling to the peaks burst into colour, spreading pretty pink hues across the landscape.  

As you follow footpaths along the ridgelines of the massif, you’re greeted with panoramic views across the Mediterranean before beginning the descent into the valleys below, where you’ll discover the history and culture of the region. From the spiny needles and limestone peaks of Penya Roc to the tall towers of Collado Papatxi, there’s a visual feast at every turn. 

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 Keukenhof Gardens in Spring

Explore the Dutch landscapes and Keukenhof Gardens in Spring 

There’s no better time to experience the colourful beauty of Holland than in the springtime. Cycle through field upon field of crocuses, tulips, daffodils and cherry blossom which paint the countryside in a kaleidoscope of colours and inhale the heady scent of hyacinths that wafts through the sails of iconic windmills. Mid-April is one of the best times to book our Holland Bike and Sail tour when the flowers are in full bloom, the early rain has passed, and the days are longer – giving you more time to explore.  

As well as sampling the famous Dutch cheeses at Alkmaar and sailing across the Wadden Sea and Lake Ijsselmeer, you’ll also visit the impressive Keukenhof Gardens. With seven million flowers in bloom, your senses will be stirred by the colourful sights and scents.  

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Discover bougainvillea lined streets and Greek history on the island of Evia 

Set against a heavenly backdrop of white sandy beaches, lush forests and dramatic gorges, the paradisiacal island of Evia gives you an insight into authentic Greece. In late May the showy bougainvillea trees come into bloom and their pink flowers emblaze the whitewashed houses and villages. 

The island is a beautiful paradise for walkers with its Aegean beaches, pretty hamlets and mountain scenery. As you explore the mountains and villages of Evia, you’ll walk along trickling streams, quiet lanes and open countryside filled with citrus trees and olive groves. You’ll also discover the culture and history of the area as you pass Roman quarries, Byzantine churches and waterfront tavernas, where you can tuck into traditional Greek food such as fresh seafood, meze, moussaka and stuffed vegetables. 

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Amalfi Coast Wisteria

Witness the wisteria strewn towns of the Amalfi Coast 

From late March to early April, the picturesque towns come alive with colour as lilac wisteria drapes itself across whitewashed houses and stairways lining the cobbled streets. Pretty lemon groves that cling to hillsides begin to flower providing a lush backdrop for walking in the Amalfi Coast. Although this region of Italy is beautiful all year round, it’s even more special in spring when the temperatures are slightly cooler, the streets are less busy and nature starts to come alive once again. 

On this adventure, you’ll visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii, explore the towns of Ravello and Amalfi, and walk along the ‘Path of the Gods’ to Positano where you can savour the local food and wine and gaze across the pastel villages fringing the Mediterranean. 

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Levadas Maderia

Trek through the botanical landscapes and volcanic interior of Madeira 

Madeira is one of the most stunning islands in Portugal and its subtropical micro-climates allow for a wide variety of fruit trees and exotic flowers to grow, spreading a multitude of colours across the landscape. In spring, the sweet scents of jacaranda, jasmine, freesia, magnolia and begonias pervade the air making it one of the best times for nature lovers to visit this ‘Floating Garden of the Atlantic’. 

From peaceful strolls through the wildly beautiful levadas and ridge walks along the volcanic peaks to picturesque coastal walks, walking in Madeira abounds with impressive views and rich flora and fauna. There’s also time to delve into the history and culture of the ancient town of Funchal and traditional fishing villages. 

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