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With our industry-leading booking flexibility and enhanced safety measures, it’s easier than ever to start planning ahead and make next year a year to remember. After all, the sheer anticipation of having something booked in to look forward to is half the fun. Needing some inspiration? Take a look at some of our most unique trips that might help spark your next bucket list adventure.

 Prosecco Vending Machine Italy

1. Pick an award-winning bottle of wine from Italy’s famous Prosecco vending machine

On our guided trip, Walking in the Prosecco Hills, discover one of the world’s most spectacular, yet largely undiscovered wine regions, located just an hour’s drive north of Venice. Based in the heart of the “Prosecco Road”, visit the charming medieval villages of Cison, Follina, Asolo as well as the picturesque capital province of Treviso. While you’re in this region, enjoy wine-tastings from some of the best local Prosecco producers with breath-taking views overlooking the Santo Stefano vineyards, wander through the Natural Park of the River Sile, and journey back in time by following the original front-lines used during the First World War.

One of the most unique things about this trip must be buying a bottle of Prosecco from the local vending machines just past Osteria senzOste. After trying local specialities, such as cold cuts of Sopressa and Alpine cheeseboards, at the enchanting Osteria senzOste tavern, take a leisurely stroll up the Colline del Cartizze hill towards the region’s peculiar vending machines. Known for producing the most premium Prosecco in the entire DOCG region, Superiore di Cartizze, on these hills, the vending machine offers a great selection of bottles that make for the perfect memento, or equally great for sharing a glass of bubbly with your partner or friends as the sun goes down over the San Stefano vineyards.


2. Discover Chernobyl – the world’s most unlikely tourist attraction

If you watched and enjoyed the hit HBO Series, Chernobyl, during lockdown, you’ll see that it shone a fascinating and eerie spotlight on this side of Ukraine. So, for a truly unique experience in 2022, why not visit this location for yourself on our Chernobyl & Kyiv (Kiev) Long Weekend trip. Get a chilling look into the heart of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the abandoned Exclusion Zone.

Visiting the imposing Nuclear Control Room, Reactor Hall and the ghost town of Pripyat, you’ll come across gripping artefacts frozen in time, including abandoned amusement parks, white-washed hospitals and harrowingly empty primary schools, where firefighters’ uniforms, open books and toys lie untouched. Spending a night within the Exclusion Zone, which surrounds the blast area, offers a chillingly stark reminder of the impact humans can have on the world if they’re not careful.

Pink Dolphin Amazon

3. Take a boat cruise along the “River of Life” in Peru

Travel by boat through one of the most remote corners on the planet – the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy the ultimate trip along the world’s largest river basin. After exploring the fascinating Inca Ruins and lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru on our Inca & Amazon Adventure Family Holiday, it’s time to experience the Amazon’s truly unique ecosystem which teems with diverse wildlife, from colourful Scarlet macaws and Pink river dolphins to sleepy Sloths and Red Howler monkeys.

Packed with exhilarating excursions, you’ll enjoy night walks in the rainforest, a visit to Tres Chimbadas Lake to find black alligators and River otters, and a boat journey into the Tambopata Reserve in search of caimans and River turtles. When it comes to local culture, you and your family can learn about the ancient customs of the Amazon lowland villages, discover the traditional use of bows and arrows and even try it out for yourself. This all-encompassing family adventure is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Sea Lions Galapagos

4. Swim with sea lions in Darwin’s enchanted Isles

Discover the beautiful Galapagos Islands on the catamaran Archipel I next year to see an astonishing array of wildlife, flora and fauna that rivals the Garden of Eden. Book something unique and look forward to exploring the islands that sparked Charles Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution”. With excellent local guides like Segundo Guamán, who has spent the last 23 years navigating the turquoise waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean, he’ll show you how to visit the Galapagos through the eyes of Darwin. This is truly a unique experience.

Starting at the second-highest capital in the world, Quito, we island-hop from Colorado Hill to Santa Cruz, where it’s not uncommon to encounter blue-footed boobies, Galapagos Penguins, surgeonfish, Sally lightfoot crabs and many more. The highlight of the trip, for most, is snorkelling with friendly Sea lions on Floreana Island, seeing the Galapagos dragons (Marine iguanas) changing colour during their mating season (January- March) on South Plaza, and meeting dozens of baby tortoises at the breeding centre of the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam

5. Crawl through the legendary Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam

Aside from tucking into their mouth-watering cuisine and cycling past lush rice paddies, one of the most unique activities on this adventure is crawling through the Cu Chi war tunnels, an experience you can’t have in any other country. Located in the Cu Chi District of Ho Chi Min City, this immense secret network of tunnels was built by revolutionary soldiers of the Viet Minh in the late 1940s and extended for Viet Cong guerrillas in the Vietnam War. These tunnels were primarily used as a base for infiltrating intelligence agents and sabotage teams heading into Saigon. Our fascinating tours allow you to dig deeper to uncover the gripping tales of how Vietnam fought their underground war, which stretched from the suburbs of Saigon to the Cambodian border, often passing directly beneath the American bases.

Boats in Vietnam

From cruising past the iconic limestone peaks of Halong Bay and strolling through the thriving riverside markets in Hoi An, to discovering the forbidden Purple City remains in Hue and taking a boat trip along the Mekong Delta, our Vietnam Adventure packs a punch. Delving into the history and rich culture of Vietnam while soaking in the beautiful scenery is what this trip is all about, making it a great destination to visit in 2022.


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