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Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, or you’re planning your first big trip, we know that travelling in your forties is an incredibly rewarding experience. From being more decisive about what you want from your travel experiences to more financial freedom, our forty-something travellers are among the most adventurous and outgoing – and here are just some of the reasons why.

1. You know what you want from your travels

People hiking The Appalachian TrailHikers on the mountains

When it comes to your travel plans, you know what you want.  If you’ve done all the big traditional bucket list tick-offs, travelling in your 40s is the perfect time to explore more niche destinations and experiences, as well as revisiting some of your favourite destinations with a whole new perspective.

2. You’re more adventurous

6 reasons you should travel in your 40sZiplining in the forest

In your forties, your adventurous spirit really begins to take hold. Gone are the nerves and fears of your twenties and thirties, and instead, you’re ready and willing to get your adrenaline pumping, explore a new place or try a new activity.

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3. You’ll look for a better quality of travel

Couple on Luxury HolidayCouple on Luxury Holiday

Chances are, you’re in a better financial position than you were in your early twenties, meaning you can spend a bit more on your travels. You can afford to pay a little more for comfortable hotels with more amenities and treat yourself to a fancy meal or two.

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4. You’ve learnt from your mistakes

Tourist looking over the Grand CanyonTourist looking over the Grand Canyon

With plenty of life experience and wisdom behind you, you’re in the perfect position to travel with fewer concerns and worries, and you’ll have learnt from past mistakes. You won’t forget your passport or forget to change up your travel money, and getting from the airport will be a breeze with your calm clear-headed nature that only comes from maturity.

5. You can travel with family…or solo! 

Family on holiday in the Grand CanyonFamily on holiday

If you’ve been busy over the past couple of decades bringing up a family, a holiday is an ideal chance to create lasting memories and bond you as a family unit. Alternatively, if you’re at the stage where the youngsters have ‘flown the nest’ (or you just need some you-time), you’re equally happy to travel solo.

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6. You’ll be able to meet new people

Group travelling togetherNew friends on tour group

Having forged lifetime friendships, you know what you look for in a travel companion – someone who shares your attitude to travel and outlook on life. On a small group adventure tour, you’ll meet people with similar interests and mindsets, and even though you’re happy to go it alone, a great company is never far away.

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