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Toilet, powder room, khazi, bog, thinking pot, can, porcelain god, throne… whatever you like to call yours, there’s no denying the long-standing human fascination with bathrooms, or more specifically the loo!

Interesting Toilets of the World

Said to be the birthplace of many an epiphany and somewhere each of us spends a significant portion of time throughout our lives (three years according to the World Toilet organisation – yes there is one!), the toilet is an important part of daily life.

There are quite literally millions of them around the world in varying shapes and sizes, often reflecting different cultural, sociological and economic backgrounds of their geographical location.

They transcend race, gender, class and age – everyone on Earth has to use the loo each and every day, from the most regal royal to your average Joe.

Here are a few of the most interesting toilets that Exodus staff have encountered on their adventures…

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania  A Loo with a ViewTent toilet on Kilimanjaro

One of the most iconic trips in our repertoire, even the awe-inspiring Kilimanjaro expedition cannot escape the daily necessities!

In fact, our sales team are frequently asked by potential summiteers about the “toilet situation” on the mountain. But squat weary trekkers needn’t worry – our hardy crew made up of the best porters and guides in the land, not only carry tented loos, they’ll even endeavour to pitch it in the most scenic spot for you!

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Mont Blanc, France   

A Loo with a ViewMont Blanc, France 

The summit of this European Alpine icon is now home to Europe’s highest toilets. Like everyone else on Earth, intrepid mountaineers need to relieve themselves, especially after taking on the gallons of water it takes to make such an arduous ascent!

So, after many complaints about “yellow snow” and “mountain manure”, the powers that be decided to install some loos with views! 

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The Steppe, Mongolia

A Loo with a ViewToilet in The Steppe, Mongolia

The vast, wild expanse of the Mongolian steppe offers a surprisingly peaceful, serene moment to do your business. A toilet tent is pitched just right to give you all the privacy you need on one of the most exposed plains on the planet – commanding magnificent views of the seemingly endless rolling grasslands.

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Mera Peak, the Himalayas in Nepal

A Loo with a ViewToilet on Mera Peak, Himalayas in Nepal

Another high altitude commode with a commanding view – this handy portaloo is pitched at 5,850m in High Camp overlooking the mighty Mera Massif in the Nepalese Himalayas.

If it wasn’t so chilly, you might hang around to enjoy the view of piercing peaks and snow-swept mountainsides whilst doing your business!

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Sossusvlei, Namibia

A Loo with a ViewToilet in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Standing amid the daunting dunes of Namib Desert, you are struck by the raw beauty of nature when nature decides to call on you.

But your initial panic is unfounded because, on the scorched, undulating horizon, you spot a small wooden hut on the way down from Dune 45. Now you can relieve yourself both in dignity (just!) and in the shadows of the world’s highest sand dunes!

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