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Why explore the highlights of one country on a cycling trip when you could wheel through two, or three? No, wait, make that four…

Tour Multiple Countries by Bike

Great for Mountains: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

Top 5 Multi-Country Cycling HolidaysCycling the Baltics

Its recent, turbulent history is never far from the surface, but Bosnia and Montenegro reward the curious traveller with natural wonders to spare too.

In Bosnia, we’ll explore the ancient Ottoman trading centre of Trebinje, take in the vineyards of Popovo Polje, and catch magnificent views from the Herzegovinian limestone mountains, the Dinaric Alps – one of Europe’s most rugged and untouched terrains.

Then it’s over the silent Orijen mountains to Montenegro, to greet the tranquil Luštica Peninsula – a headland of hidden beaches and remote villages wrapped by olive groves. The Old Town of Kotor, the heart of the country’s wine-growing region, will enchant you. Its sheltered bay attracts the yachting set, but it’s a refreshingly un-glitzy place.

Then it’s time to head for the border, to experience a fast and beautiful descent along the old postal service route to Mostar – kept open in the darkest days of the Balkan war.

You’ll get to witness the turbulent waters of the Buna Spring in Blagaj (one of the largest natural springs in Europe) before arriving in stately Dubrovnik, where a dip in the Adriatic is a well-earned finale to this excursion through history both ancient and modern.

Our Highlight: Trying our hand at honey farming in the Orijen mountains is a life-skill we never thought we’d need to brush up on. But the results – like the cool, fresh mountain air itself – are sweetly satisfying.

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Great for Architecture: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary

Central Europe comes on like your favourite historical box set – with more intrigue and romance per square mile than any other region we know. 

Beginning in Prague, you’ll visit Wenceslas Square (more an oblong, if we’re being geometrically pedantic) and the really rather gorgeous Old Town. We’ll cycle through the narrow streets to Český Krumlov and visit the vineyards of Moravia.

For a country synonymous with beer, the Czech Republic’s wine comes as a delicious surprise. Then it’s onwards to Austria, taking in the picturesque UNESCO palace, before heading for Vienna, where a free day will see you exploring a city bursting with culture.

Our Highlight: Cycling through the dense, primaeval forests and gentle hills of the Czech Canada National Park.

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Great for Beaches: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

This tour takes you from the graceful colonial city of Granada to the bustling Panama City. In Nicaragua, we visit the Masaya Volcano – steam from its caldera rising in the haze of the midday sun. 

In Costa Rica, you’ll travel down the Tenorio River, cycle through rainforests and have the opportunity to get up close with monkeys, iguanas as well as seeing crocodiles too, before taking a dip in La Fortuna’s Hot Springs.

In Panama, be captivated by the Bocas del Toro Islands, with their blissful palm-shaded white sands and crystal waters, then top off your trip with a tour highlight – riding a stretch of the Panama Canal.

You Say: “A superb “snapshot” of three beautiful countries – think wildlife, beautiful beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, tropical forest greenery, colourful towns, lakes, volcanoes, mountains and colonial architecture. A good mix of biking and down-time!” says Exodus customer Yasmin Sethna.

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Great for Culture: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Two full days at the incredible Angkor Wat complex is just one highlight in a string of superlative Southeast Asian highlights explored on this three-country adventure. 

In heady Thailand, we ride through small villages, past monasteries and paddy fields, visiting Pang Sida National Park for a swim in the reservoir and a memorable view through the deep, dense jungle canopy.

Cambodia offers an abundance of serenely beautiful temples. Here, you’ll also be moved by the powerful history of the region as you learn about the impact of the Khmer Rouge with a visit to the ‘Killing Fields’. It’s powerful stuff – as is the pride and dignity of this nation’s welcoming and graceful people. 

In Vietnam, we encounter the dizzying sights, smells and tastes of the Cai Be floating market, and dive into Ho Chi Minh City, once known as Saigon – a bustling characterful metropolis that blends the ancient and modern, and will bring your adventure to a sensory, colourful finale.

Our Highlight: The awe-inspiring temple of Angkor Wat never fails to amaze. We visit early in the morning, to escape the crowds – which only adds to the wonder.

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Great for History: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Cycle across three countries in this journey of historic cities, untouched wilderness and captivating coastline. In Estonia, discover the fairytale island castle of Trakai, enjoy the onshore breeze blowing in from the Baltic Sea as you cycle through maritime pine forests and deeply indented coastline.

We’ll explore Lahemaa National Park’s hinterland of huge lakes and visit ‘Estonian Switzerland’, with its steep-sided valleys and lofty plateaus. The reserve is home to some of Europe’s last populations of predators – grey wolf, Eurasian lynx and brown bear. 

Enjoy Latvia’s vibrant capital, Riga – its Old Town a warren of bars and restaurants each more tempting than the last. Then head to the white sandy beaches of Jūrmala for a refreshing dip in the sea. Look out for chunks of Baltic amber – often washed ashore after a storm.

In Lithuania, cycle along the Baltic Coast and encounter the breathtaking dunes dubbed the ‘Lithuanian Sahara’, stopping off at the artists’ retreat of Nida to complete your tri-country cycling odyssey.

You Say: “An excellent cycling trip, with plenty of time to appreciate the endless countryside (as well as the cities) of the Baltic States.” Exodus customer Rosemary Hyde says.

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