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The World's Best Bike Touring Destinations

 There are many ways to explore a new place, and one of our favorites is from the back of a bicycle. There is a magic to pedaling through colorful fishing villages in Vietnam or along the undulating trails of the Portugal coast, a connection to the landscape and culture around you that is unlike any other way of travelling. A bike tour is the perfect way to cover a fair amount of ground each day while still being exposed to all the sights, smells, and sounds of your destination. Plus, cycling tours allow you to get off the beaten path and reach hidden gems you wouldn’t be able to get to on a tour bus or in a car--and did we mention local food?! In honor of bike month, our bike-loving travel specialists have put together a list of some of the most unique cycling destinations.

 Hvar, Croatia

Croatia: The Island of Hvar

 Have you ever wanted to cycle in the footsteps of the Romans? Nestled along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, Hvar is an island paradise with an ancient Roman road. Cycling along this road from Stari Grad through the old villages, and to Hvar city, allows you to see walls, fortresses, and beautifully-crafted buildings that date back as many as seven hundred years, as well as crystal-clear waters, coastal beaches, and breathtaking views of the nearby island of Brac. From architecture and culture to stunning ocean views, lavender fields, a Spanish fortress, and one of Europe’s oldest theatres, Hvar is the ideal destination for an intrepid cyclist. The hills offer just enough of a challenge to make the views from the top all the more sweet.


Cycling the Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

 Vietnam: The Pass of the Ocean Clouds

 Vietnam’s Hai Van Pass, or the ‘Pass of the Ocean Clouds’, is a 21-kilometer-long pass through the mountains of the Annamite range, taking you up to a summit before plummeting down towards the ocean. The best word to describe this ride is epic. From the views to the effort required to reach the peak, this cycle isn’t for the faint of heart, but those brave enough to make the attempt will be rewarded with spectacular and unique scenery. Carrying on along the road takes cyclists to Hue, the cultural and historical center of Vietnam.  

 Getting you there: CYCLING VIETNAM

 Cycling tour of Mikulov Castle, Czech Republic

Czech Republic: The Vineyards of South Moravia

 Is there a better way to experience the lush greenery of vineyards than from the back of a bicycle? With blue skies above, an open path in front, and perfect lines of fruit on either side, pedaling through one of the most vibrant and fertile areas of the Czech Republic grants cycling visitors an immersive experience that is unparalleled. Oh, and did we mention the 13th century stone castle? The picturesque Mikulov Castle is home to a museum that includes a Renaissance wine barrel that is over 300 years old. At the end of a day of cycling and learning about winemaking, a glass of wine and a plate of fresh food from a local winery in Mikulov, a beautiful historic town on the border of Austria, caps off an idyllic and delicious adventure in the best way possible.

Getting you there: PRAGUE TO BUDAPEST RIDE

 Cycling the Silver Coast, Portugal

Portugal: The Silver Coast

Cycling from Nazaré to Óbidos with the ocean on your side and the sun on your face, discover the spectacular views, vibrant fishing villages, and picture-perfect medieval towns of the Portuguese coast. Nazaré is a colorful place where living history, including fisherwomen in seven-colored flannel skirts and wooden clogs, collides with a modern surf culture. Home to gorgeous golden beaches and some of the biggest waves ever recorded, this seaside town is a not-to-be-missed destination. Continuing along the coast, if the panoramic views don’t steal your breath, the fortified medieval town of Óbidos will! So carefully preserved that it resembles a film set, cycle this village’s narrow, winding streets, watched over by a fairytale-like castle and protected by walls that are nearly a thousand years old.


 When seeking an adventure unlike any other, two wheels is the way to go. From coasts to mountains, from vineyards to island paradises, bike tours let you explore and immerse yourself into landscapes and cultures as diverse as they are enchanting. Where will you pedal to next?

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