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Situated just six miles away from Kenya’s proud Masai Mara lies Naboisho Primary School.

While people from around the world flock to this dream safari destination, the pupils of the school – and its teachers – had only ever heard the sounds of the animals, never heading into its reserves to undertake a game drive themselves – the cost was simply too great.

Adventure 2017 Programme

Our Adventure 2017 programme was our promise to take at least 2,017 children from the incredible countries we visit on exciting and educational day trips in their fascinating home countries. It’s a promise we kept.

Our pledge meant we took 21 children from Naboisho Primary School on the day trip of a lifetime – an adventure into the heart of Kenya’s wonderful wilds.

Charity SonkaiCharity Sonkoi

Charity Sonkoi, headteacher of the school, looks back on the school trip to the Kicheche Valley camp and game drive.

“We went to the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, which isn’t very far from our school,” she recalls. “I had never been before and nor had our children. We were so happy to be considered.

It’s expensive for me to take our children out, so it’s not something we’ve been able to do before. To have this chance was so special for us all.

Charity and her pupilsCharity and the schoolchildren

When we were preparing to go, the children couldn’t sleep. They kept asking ‘are we going tomorrow?’ They just couldn’t wait! When we arrived, there were snacks prepared for everyone, and the pupils got to enjoy them before exploring the camps.

In the evening, we went on a game drive, seeing lions, cubs, elephants, buffalo, giraffes and much more. It was wonderful.

Lioness on the game driveAfrican lion

We learnt all about the park and the work they do there, and we got to see animals at very close range. The children had heard the wildlife before, but they’d never seen them so closely. They experienced the sunset too, which was so beautiful.”

Being able to show the children their homeland is something that Charity believes benefits their education.

Elephants on the game driveElephant on the Kenyan safari

“As children grow, they need to experience things,” she says. “They can learn about the wildlife at school, but it doesn’t compare to the experience. Even moments like travelling by comfortable tour car, which they’d never done before, were important.

Children just have to feel happy once in a while, and it’s crucial that we give them those opportunities – they’re more motivated when they feel this way.

The childrenSchoolchildren and Exodus leaders on safari

The children talked about their trip when they got back to school and other pupils were so interested to go too. I wish I had the money to take my children once a term, but I can’t afford it – financially it’s so difficult.

I have two teachers from other counties who’d never seen animals or visited the Masai Mara before – they were as delighted as the children. Everyone benefited from this great adventure.

We were so grateful for our Kenya Adventure 2017, not only because my children benefited because my teachers and I did too.”


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