Cool Cultures, Warm Welcomes

In the depths of winter, some places never feel more alive. Whether it’s the warming bustle of their markets, their vibrant winter festivals, or the feel-good factor of their hearty good and spicy mulled wines, these are places that embrace the seasonal joys of the colder months. Here are just three to warm you up…

A Tale of Two Cities: Moscow to St Petersburg

St. Isaac's Cathedral in the snow, St Petersburg St. Isaac's Cathedral in the snow, St Petersburg


Repositioned as a cosmopolitan, sleek and stylish capital, you don’t have to scratch far beneath the surface to find the Russian blood that courses through this proud city’s squares and thoroughfares. In Novgorod, the birthplace of the country, Mother Russia’s culture is impossible to ignore, and St Petersburg’s Hermitage and Catherine Palace will leave you in no doubt – Russia is smitten with two things: power and beauty.

Moscow to St Petersburg

A Capital Idea: Stockholm & The Baltics

Christmas market in Stockholm, Sweden Christmas market in Stockholm, Sweden


The snug bars and restaurants of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town are a world removed from the bustle of the modern city. The ancient heart of the capital rises from its own island – one of fourteen that make up this surprisingly easy-going city. It is a city shaped by the sea; fishermen cast their lines, and pleasure boats shuttle between parks and promenades. Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius – the trio of proud Baltic capitals - offer more to discover, and plenty of great shopping opportunities.

Stockholm & The Baltics

Step into a Storybook: Winter in Transylvania

Bran Castle, Transylvania Bran Castle, Transylvania


Think you know about Transylvania? Think again. We’re lifting the lid on this most-misunderstood if regions, and sharing its serene mid-winter beauty with you. Discover chic Bucharest and the dizzying snow-draped beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. Here, in a land hardly altered in centuries, we’ll explore once-grand mercantile towns such as the Saxon citadel of Sibiu. And of course, a visit to the home of Dracula, Bran Castle.

Winter in Transylvania

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