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Journeys are an integral part of the human experience. Our journeys may define us – but is up to us to choose the route we take. Your journey may be historic, unearthing the legacy of ancient warriors, traders and conquerors. You could find yourself taking on a life-changing pilgrimage following in the well-trodden footsteps of many before you. It may even take you half way to the other side of the world. One thing is sure: there remains one thing all these journeys have in common, that when you return triumphant to your life, you will bring with you a fresh perspective and experiences… a new you. These are our iconic journeys...

The Silk Road


These ancient trade routes once spanned the globe, allowing the exchange of goods and culture that is the foundation of our modern society. Visiting Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China, it’s not hard to imagine merchant caravans winding their way through baking deserts, vast steppes and over towering mountains.

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Camino de Santiago Trek


For over a millennium, pilgrims have packed up their possessions and set out upon the roads and paths of Western Europe, in search of the cathedral of St. James the Great, as well as spiritual fulfilment. Following the scallop shells will eventually lead you to this majestic Spanish monument. Cyclists, fear not – you can ride the route, too.

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Classic Kenya Safari


Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of animals form a horizon-spanning herd and go in search of greener pastures. This endless annual cycle is the great migration, one of the most disarmingly glorious sights in the natural world. While usually occurring in late summer, crossings have been seen as early as June in the Masai Mara and as late as early December. Find out more.

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Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping


This journey begins in Cape Town, the far-southern metropolis that is South Africa’s capital. From there, travellers navigate undulating deserts, rocky crags and thriving havens of wildlife, spending their nights camping beneath the stars. The grand finale is Victoria Falls, a churning, roaring, heaving cascade of white water, tumbling a hundred metres from the precipice.

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Manali to Leh Ride

Sarchu gorge

Take to two wheels and ride through one of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, a place of expansive and otherworldly landscapes. Here, the purity of the air rejuvenates you, becoming purity of mind - a fact reflected by the local Buddhist monks, meditating in their temples. Cycle six towering mountain passes, stopping in charming towns and villages along the way.

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Tour du Mont Blanc

The legendary Mont Blanc Circuit is arguably the most famous long-distance trek in Europe. The Alps has been home to the pedigree of mountaineering history for generations, and the circuit is one of the best ways to appreciate the mighty Mont Blanc itself as you journey through through countries, up and over high mountain passes and lush green valleys. 

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Ladakh: the Markha Valley

TGR - val

The definitive Ladakh trek. Follow the Markha River through the valley, from the flourishing greenery of the lower reaches to the colossal peaks under whose shadows the rest of the land lies. Experience first hand the unique culture of the Himalayan people.

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Journey to the North PoleJohnWeller Victory2008A 555

Set sail aboard the '50 Years of Victory', the world’s largest nuclear-powered icebreaker. Ride in the wake of history’s greatest explorers. Carve through meters-thick ice, stretching as far as the eye can see. Amidst this frozen tundra, reach the extreme end of the Earth – the very pinnacle of the planet. The North Pole awaits, at the end of a journey like no other.

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India Grand Tour DiscoveryP46a

The stunning diversity and sensory overload of India must be experienced to be believed. Cities form a chaotic, explosive swirl of colours and scents and flavours and sounds, and then give way to breath taking vistas of natural wonder. See Delhi and the Taj Mahal, take a boat ride on the Ganges, search for tigers and explore ancient ruins on this truly epic journey.

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Raid Pyrenean Coast to Coast Ride p04c

Traverse the might Pyrenees, following winding roads over eleven of its most famed Cols. Gorgeous views, coast to coast riding and a challenge for the ages – what more could you want from a journey?

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