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Of the many factors that go into making our adventures great, perhaps the most important are our leaders.

A good leader can be the difference between a fun holiday and an unforgettable one, and Exodus only works with the very best leaders – those whose expertise, experience and charisma have proven themselves time and again.

Please note that, since the specific dates of each leader’s departure can change, we strongly suggest you get in touch with us if you want to be on a trip with a specific leader.

Exodus Leaders

Samer Hajric

eric woolleyEric Woolley

After falling in love with cross-country skiing during his time with the army, Eric has cultivated over 25 years’ worth of instructing experience, even earning a Snowsport England coaching qualification.

He has taught a number of our staff how to ski, impressing with his friendly manner, always good sharing a joke and encouraging those who are new to the sport.

Cross-country skiing adventures: Cross-country skiing

Ilse Alt

Andy mckeeAndy Mckee

Andy’s 13 years of experience and his passionate interest in sport and physical fitness make him the ideal leader for a cross-country skiing trip, particularly if you’re interested in taking on the Transjurassienne ski race.

Combine this with his good-natured sense of humour and his tireless work for Responsible Travel and charity projects, and it’s not hard to see why Andy is one of our most sought-after leaders.

Adventures with Andy: Cross-country Skiing Dobbiaco

Paul Goldstein

Exodus Leaders: Winter GuidesPaul Goldstein

Paul Goldstein is something of an institution to those who are familiar with his work. His photographic expertise is unparalleled, and his charismatic personality and vivacious love of wildlife and adventure combine to make his trips unforgettable.

Photography adventures: Photographic Safari

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