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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost (1920)

Exodus’ pioneering spirit is part of our DNA. Never resting on our laurels when it comes to pushing the travel boundaries, we love nothing more than venturing off the beaten track to unusual destinations. 

Discover Hidden Gems

Despite the world being more accessible than ever, there are always new trails, summits and backwaters to be discovered. Whether in a secretive, seldom-visited corner of a well-known country or in a more unusual destination far off the tourist map, we’ve spent over 40 years on the road less travelled and we’d like to take you with us.

Discover Burma

Follow the Road Less Travelled Bagan, Burma 

After years of isolation, Burmais now well and truly back on the Exodus map. Shrouded in mystique and largely untouched by the outside world, discover a magical land steeped in history and culture.

Visit Bagan’s many temples, see the fishermen on Inle Lake and spend time soaking up the colonial charm of Rangoon.

Your words, not ours:

“There is so much to see and do in this country. Go soon as the feeling is that there will be big changes over the next few years.” – Julia Larsson, December 2015  

balloons over MyanmarBalloons over Burma

Highlights of Nicaragua

Nicaragua, enchanting, vast and relatively undiscovered, is the perfect choice for adventure enthusiasts with a penchant for wildlife and untamed landscapes.

From the rising twin peaks of Ometepe Island to the ashen slopes of Cerro Negro and the mist-shrouded forest of Mombacho, this imposing land of lakes and volcanoes is as far from the madding crowds as you could wish for.

Your words, not ours:

“What a stunning, happy and vibrant country. The adventure from start to finish was a revelation.” – Gary Cox, November 2015   

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Highlights of Albania

A fascinating, under-visited Mediterranean country with an incredible history and a wild, rugged landscape, Albania will excite and intrigue at every turn. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites as you explore past civilisations of an undiscovered country.

albania mountainsMountains in Albania

Your words, not ours:

“We didn’t come across many other tourist groups, so it is still relatively undiscovered country. But it looks like there is a lot of development going on along the coast especially. So get there now and experience the genuine hospitality of the Albanian people before it changes too much!” – Sally-Ann Forbes, September 2015  

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Sudan Desert Explorer

Enjoy a rare glimpse into nomadic life in this remote part of Northern Africa. Travelling by camel over the golden sands of the Bayuda Desert with renowned desert explorer Michael Asher, you will camp out under a canopy of stars and encounter very few if any other tourists on this unique escape.

Your words, not ours:

“This feels much more an expedition that a standard holiday. There is a lot of driving into remote parts of the desert so it is more about the journey than the destinations, which generally are beautiful wild camps in safe dune areas.

The ever-changing subtlety of the landscapes is mesmerising, the emptiness and silence of the Sahara and the immense dark night skies are incredible, and in a place where people are scarce, the chance meetings with nomadic desert people are a delight. The pyramids at Meroe and other ancient sites are amazing, and can be explored in a relaxed atmosphere as tourists are rare in Sudan.” – Peter Gillett, December 2015    

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Discover more hidden gems below and follow the road less travelled.