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Training doesn’t have to be gruelling, says Head of Product and cycling programme manager Andy Ross. It’s about getting time spent in the saddle ahead of your cycling holiday so that your time away is memorable – for all the right reasons.


Cycling Tips

How fit do I need to be for a cycling holiday?

This will depend on the grade of the trip! A leisurely or moderate trip will be suitable as long as you are healthy, enjoy exercising outdoors and are confident about riding a bike.

The more challenging or tough trips will require more preparation and previous cycling experience. The fitter you are before your holiday, the more you’ll enjoy it.

You may be pleasantly surprised about how far you can ride in a day when the whole day is set aside for cycling with regular breaks to refuel.

What’s the best way to prepare for multiple days of cycling?

The simple answer is to get out and ride! It makes sense to try to replicate the sort of distances and terrain that you will experience on the tour.

It’s the cumulative effect of back to back cycling days that can be tiring, so it’s important to practice regular cycling, although obviously, this can be a challenge to make time for.

If you’re considering one of our toughest trips, it may be difficult to recreate the long climbs of the Alps and Pyrenees at home, but find yourself a tough local climb, ride some hill reps and soon you will experience ‘the burn’.

Cycling the backroadsCycling the backroads

Do you have any advice for fuelling my rides?

The harder the challenge, the more you’ll need to eat and drink. Much like a car, your body can’t operate properly without fuel.

It’s important to start eating early during a ride, then to keep topped up. Don’t wait until you feel hungry or thirsty before you eat and drink.

Remember you’ll need to drink far more liquid than you do at home, particularly in some of our warm and humid destinations. We provide plenty of water and local snacks – you’ll find yourself really looking forward to the next snack stop!

Is there any clothing that would help my training?

A decent pair of padded cycling shorts should be the first thing on your shopping list and will make a huge difference to how comfortable you’ll be in the saddle.

And remember to leave your underwear in your suitcase on the cycling days. Padded fingerless gloves, or mitts, will also help you to grip the handlebars and increase comfort levels.

Our cycling experts have put together a comprehensive fitness plan so you can be sure you’re ready for your upcoming adventure. See our Cycling Fitness Guide

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