Korean Cuisine

New for this year, we have welcomed South Korea onto the Exodus map with open arms and hungry bellies. On top of ancient history, modern cities and phenomenal landscapes, Korea’s food is one of its main lures. Join us on a brief culinary buffet through some of the best dishes this fascinating country has to offer…



Often known as Korean BBQ, bulgogi can be translated as ‘fire meat’ and is no friend to the vegetarian traveller – a heady mix of marinated meats, usually beef-focussed with thin strips of sirloin being particularly popular, grilled until succulent and flavoursome. Occasionally it is served cupped in lettuce leaves, but that’s largely presentation …



This refreshing soup is incredibly popular with Korean families looking for a hot, filling meal. This fishy feast is made with dried Pollock and anchovy stock, brightened up with spring onions, green peppers and Korean radish.



Literally translating as ‘mixed rice’, this signature dish comes in almost endless varieties. The base is a healthy dollop of white rice topped with seasonal vegetables, cooked with chili paste or salty, soya-based sauce. Up next is a mix of sliced meat and/or an egg (cooked or raw, to stir through). You’ll never eat the same one twice!

Nakji Bokum


Spicy stir-fried octopus is a hot topic: jam-packed with flavour, the sauce relies heavily on both red and green chilies. It really packs a punch!



Expect this pickled vegetable side to arrive with every meal. Fermented vegetables, commonly cabbage or Korean radish, with a spicy, sour flavour are an absolute staple – it was issued as a standard ration to troops during wartime, as it was deemed important for morale!



Korean pancakes are made with flour and oil as well as eggs, making a filling and rich meal eaten at any point during the day. It’s usually served with soy sauce for dipping.

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