Wild camping in Mongolia

Out there: camping adventures that celebrate the great outdoors

There are few, if any, better ways to get in touch with nature than camping. Wake up to the glory of nature and be inspired to get away and get active!

The Mont Blanc Circuit

Six high passes and seven lush valleys: the Tour du Mont Blanc is an achievement by anyone’s estimations. You’ll need to wake invigorated and cheerful to tackle this impressive loop around Western Europe’s highest peak. We camp in beautiful campsites in modern Quechua 3-person tents, maximum 2 people per tent.

Tour du Mont Blanc Camping Trek

Kilimanjaro Climb: Lemosho Route

Take your camping to new heights on Kilimanjaro. Emerging from your tent each day, blinking in the African sun, as your guides and porters bustle round the campsite, is a treat rather than a chore. Enjoy the luxury of a brief wash in warm water, brought to your tent, then a breakfast table groaning with tempting morsels – and a source of much joy, your own Exodus toilet tent just for your group.

Kilimanjaro Climb: Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro Climb: Rongai Route

Cycling the Empire of Genghis Khan

Even if there was an alternative on the steppe, you wouldn’t want it: Mongolia is a land of extremes, and the only way to survive here is to follow the lead of the nomads who have lived in the wilderness for generations. We wild camp on the edge, including one unforgettable night in a traditional Mongolia ger.

Cycling the Empire of Genghis Khan

The Inca Trail

Following in the footsteps of history, the Inca Trail traces an ancient route through the mountains to Macchu Pichu. The ancient Incas probably didn't have dining or toilet tents on the road with them, but you'll be gazing out on the same spectacular Andean scenery which has barely changed from their day to this.

Inca Trail Holidays

Tanzania Cycle Safari

Last but not least, the savannah. Camping here is all about the ever-changing sky - a vast, awe-inspiring expanse, whether lit by a myriad of sparkling white stars, hot bright days or iconic African sunsets of burnished gold and burnt orange colours. Down to earth, share your campsites with passing giraffe, zebra and elephants, and visit the Masai.

Tanzania Cycle Safari  

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