Your legs are aching, your breathing is heavy and there is sweat on your brow. As you march onwards through the crisp mountain air, you glimpse the first light of dawn over the next rise… then there it is. There are few sights more powerfully sublime than sunrise from the peak of a great mountain, watching as the awesome landscape below you is bathed in light. At Exodus, we make it our mission to bring you that elated sensation. Here are our top 5 sunrise summits!


Summits and SunrisesAs the warm African sun climbs slowly above the vast plains of East Africa, the brilliant white of the glacier at Kilimanjaro’s summit glistens. From this vantage point, an astute adventurer will be able to see the very curvature of the Earth, something not possible anywhere else on the planet. You’ll be overawed by the majesty and size of our world, and your perspective will be forever changed.

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Adam’s Peak 

Summits and SunrisesAs dawn creeps over the rolling hills and verdant forests of Sri Lanka, it’s hard not to feel some of the metaphysical awe that has inspired cultures through the ages. Adam’s peak stands sentinel over the island, casting its surreal perfectly triangular shadow over its domain. Near the summit is the Sri Prada, a large boulder, said to contain the footprint of a deity. The site holds powerful spiritual significance for many religions, from Hinduism to Christianity.

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Mount Kenya 

Summits and SunrisesThe ascent of Africa’s second highest mountain offers a diverse wealth of picturesque scenery, as well as a challenging adventure. After passing through bamboo forests and thriving wildlife habitats, and scaling the granite cliffs and volcanic towers to the icy pinnacle, you’ll be rewarded by the view of an almost unnaturally beautiful landscape illuminated by the arrival of morning.


Mont Blanc 

Summits and SunrisesMont Blanc, the great white mountain, is the crown of the Alps and the highest peak in Western Europe. The Alpine air is crisp and clear, the trekking challenging yet invigorating, and the sublime sunrise over this gorgeous scene will hold you captive, helpless to do anything but admire it in all its glory.

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