With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get away on a sun-soaked adventure. From African safaris to eastern wonders, aquatic adventures to mountain hikes; there’s so much to see and do at this time of year – it’s hard to know where to begin. Despite the overwhelming choice, we’ve managed to whittle it down to just five of our favourite summer hotspots… but it wasn’t easy!


Amalfi CoastItaly has it all: dramatic sun-drenched coastlines, charming walled towns with world-famous gelato and the remains of ancient civilisations. Nothing quite beats the Italian welcome, and needless to say the cuisine is a real highlight. If culture and history is on your summer agenda, there’s plenty to get excited about in Italy; monumental feats of ancient architecture combine beautifully with cobbled streets, iconic cities and the many traditions that are alive and well today. Art enthusiasts will be in heaven amidst the renaissance galleries, and walkers and cyclists are simply spoiled for choice amidst the spectacular scenery and mountain ranges. Check out our holidays to Italy


The Great MigrationFor a scant few summer months, beneath endless blue skies and fiery sun the vast oatgrass plains of Kenya’s Masai Mara play host to one of nature’s greatest spectacles: the great migration. Millions of wildebeest, alongside thousands of zebra, gazelle and antelope, undertake this epic, perilous journey every year in search of lush, freshly watered pastures. Hounded by predators eagerly lying in wait, faced with countless obstacles and harrowed by hunger, thirst and sickness, they carry on, undaunted by the magnitude of their task. For wildlife lovers, there are few sights on Earth as inspirational as this ruminant rite of passage. Check out our holidays to Kenya

Costa Rica

https://www.exodus.co.uk/destinations/central-america-holidays/costa-rica-holidays/tortugueroThe thick, steamy jungles of Costa Rica play host to a staggering array of unusual wildlife and natural wonders at any time of year. Countless brightly coloured birds, catatonic sloths and playful monkeys all inhabit the canopy in Manuel Antonio National Park, while the misty paradise of Montverde’s cloud forest provides shelter for the elusive Resplendent quetzal. However, during our summer months, the black sand beaches of Tortuguero are Costa Rica’s biggest draw. From July to October, this Caribbean coastline is the stage for the annual nesting season of Green turtles. These huge, placid chelonians haul up in their thousands, a scintillating horde stretching as far as the eye can see; an unforgettable sight only a privileged few ever witness. Check out our holidays to Costa Rica


Top 5 Summer Hotspots  Morocco is a surprisingly diverse country. The “Ochre City” of Marrakech is a thriving desert metropolis, an explosion of colour and life set against a backdrop of architectural delights. To escape from the scorching heat, take a visit to the Majorelle Botanical Gardens, a tranquil oasis of cool waters, shady reclining spaces and artfully arranged plants and flowers. Another way to cool off is to elevate yourself; take the route less travelled and explore the limitless panorama of the Atlas Mountains. Whether you tackle the challenge of summiting the gargantuan Mt. Toubkal or meander through the gorgeous foothills with the aid of donkeys, you’re sure to be struck by the expansive, serene vistas of this North African wilderness. Check out our holidays to Morocco

Sri Lanka

Top 5 Summer Hotspots  Sri Lanka is a land of rolling hills, carpeted by lush vegetation and inhabited by exotic animals. Hospitable locals, a relaxed culture and authentic cuisine are just the beginning of an adventure on this teardrop island. Littered with ancient artefacts and monuments, temples and colossal statues of the Buddha, Sri Lanka really packs a cultural punch! Adam’s Peak stands tall over the rest of the island; the mountain that is said to hold the footprint of the Buddha himself. Also in the central highlands, the great rock fortress of Sigiriya thrusts skywards, breaking free of the tangled jungle below, while the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a subdued cave complex of sublime craftsmanship, a place where spirituality hangs heavy in the air. Along the south coast, don’t miss the colonial town of Galle and the golden beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean. Check out our holidays to Sri Lanka