Paul Goldstein

Paul Goldstein

Over 20 years in travel industry, Paul has gained a reputation as a passionate and forthright commentator on all things related to travel. His real expertise however lies in wildlife photography, Africa and the Polar regions. As a presenter, guide and photographer, Paul has few equals. If you can catch him while he is standing still, you can expect advice that is strong on opinion, but backed by real experience.

The Hunt: In the Grip of the Seasons

Our very own Arctic aficionado Paul Goldstein reviews the second episode of the ground-breaking BBC series The Hunt...

“At this time of year the window of opportunity is brief” were the venerable one's opening words yesterday evening. Thank you BBC for leaving that window wide open, this was a truly remarkable episode. It is enthralling to see just how much further the natural history unit has progressed since the ground-breaking Plant Earth six years ago.

The Hunt: Hits & Misses

Wildlife photographer and safari guide, Paul Goldstein couldn't resist the opportunity give his opinion on the BBC's latest natural world spectacular The Hunt...

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