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Travel Expert - Paul Goldstein

Over 20 years in the travel industry, Paul Goldstein has gained a reputation as a passionate and forthright commentator on all things related to travel.

Introducing Paul Goldstein - Expert Leader

His real expertise, however, lies in wildlife photography, Africa, Asia, and the Polar regions. As a presenter, guide and photographer, Paul has few equals. If you can catch him while he is standing still, you can expect advice that is strong on opinion but backed by real experience.

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Dynasties: In Focus with Paul Goldstein

Read time - 4 minutes

Paul Goldstein is one of very few people that has spent time with all five of the BBC's ‘Dynasty’ luminaries. Several chimp safaris, literally years with lions, two fabled expeditions to Emperor penguins and wild painted dogs throughout Africa. 15 marathons in his tiger suit along with 20+ ‘striped’ safaris adds to this not underwhelming litany. Here he shares a few thoughts and tips on these species:

Spitsbergen Photographic Charter

Spitsbergen charter 2018

Read time - 3 minutes

“This morning was glorious. A Spitsbergen scene: a coruscating sea, cobalt glacier, avian players and the snap crackle and pop of the treacherous brash ice. This is a wild and savage Eden but one that demands proper investigation.”

Paul Goldstein
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Presenter, Guide and Photographer