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Want to make the most of your international flight and see more than one country on your next adventure? You’re not alone…

Monks in Cambodia 

We’re all looking for ways to maximise our time and our experiences. Making the most of what we have just makes sense – and if that happens to be an international flight, it’s a golden opportunity to capitalise on that journey and use it to see more than one country along the way.

Volcanic vistas, Costa Rica 

This style of travel also gives you more insight into a region or continent as a whole than you get from visiting one country. By travelling through several countries you’re able to contrast different cultures and traditions, get a sense of what unites people from different nations, and what makes each one unique.

Trekkers crossing the border on the Tour Du Mont Blanc trek - Switzerland one way, Italy the other 

The little idiosyncrasies of each country become clearer as you move from place to place – and with an Exodus guide at your side, you don’t need to worry about the hassle of negotiating border crossings or figuring out how things work in each country. It's all done for you, by someone who knows the inside track.

So forget just following the trail that ticks off the famous postcard monuments; you’ll be able to soak up the local atmosphere as well and get to those harder to reach, off the beaten track places that turn your trip from a holiday into an adventure. Especially in places that it would be easy to just rush through on your way to the next big name – and miss out on. Those moments make the overall experience so much richer.

Rural life in Nicaragua 

When trying to cover a lot of ground, the pitfall you face is the other extreme – overdoing it. If your time just feels rushed, barely skimming the surface of a region or place before you’re rushing off to cram in something else, you lose that magical feeling of discovery. After all, some of the best moments come from when you slow down and just enjoy the present.

Iconic Angkor Wat at sunset 

Getting the balance right can be tricky – which is where more than 40 years’ experience of adventure travel comes in handy.

Tried & Tested Favourites

Keel-billed toucan, Costa Rica 

Multi-Country Tours

Central America

So, what’s popular? Well, the combination of three central American beauties - Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama – remains a favourite with cyclists hoping to pedal the hallowed Pan American highway route.

templeRegistan Square, Uzbekistan 

Central Asia

The Silk Road traverses Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It emulates the journey undertaken by countless merchants and traders’ caravans, with that sense of moving through a melting pot of cultures you can only get by visiting several countries at once. Last year it almost doubled in the number of travellers.

Riga Panorama city view 

The Baltic States

Finally, there’s no other way of phrasing it: the Baltics are booming. More and more of you are combining Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on your adventure. You have many options to discover this interesting corner of Europe.

The rooftops of Tallinn old town in winter 

One person who is far from surprised is our resident data expert Oli Mills, who travelled on the Baltics in Winter in 2015. “I loved seeing Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the quaint and historic capital cities of some of Europe’s least-known countries, one after the other – you really got a feel for what made them different. It was cold though – take good gloves!”

Traverse Georgia, Armenia and Iran, crossing Eurasia in the process. This fascinating journey takes you from mountains to desert oases through three incredible countries in just two weeks.

pragueAerial view of Prague, Czech Republic 

Follow the Danube by bike and boat through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. You’ll see some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery from the saddle and the water – a winning combination.

View our tours below and discover your perfect multi-country holidays.

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