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Travellers are keener than ever to maintain healthy lifestyles whilst abroad.

Research recently carried out by suggests that the number of people planning a health and wellbeing trip has doubled from one in 10 in 2017 to nearly one in five in 2018 – showing that whilst the trend for active travel is nothing new, it’s certainly growing in popularity.

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Why Choose Active Travel?

The good news is that it is easier than ever before to stay healthy whilst you travel. Summer is knocking on the door, and it’s not long until Europe’s flower-filled valleys become adventurous playgrounds for outdoor orientated travellers.

There’s no shortage of activities to be found here, with cycling and walking leading the way for immersive ways to discover the mountains, rivers and countryside vistas just waiting to be discovered.

When the views are this good, you know it’s worth the extra effort to make it to the top of the hill; not only is your motivation is right there, so is your reward.

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Walking and Trekking Holidays

As the trend for healthier adventuring gains momentum, more and more options are becoming available to you. According to’s research, walking and trekking trips are leading the way in desirability, with 56% of those surveyed saying they want to do a walking trip in 2018. 

Many people are rejecting the traditional monthly gym membership way of staying fit and are looking for an alternative, and more creative, ways to stay in shape.

We’re seeing a surge of interest in non-traditional sports like indoor rock climbing as a way to stay fit, and outdoor fitness is increasing in popularity too, with organisations like British Military Fitness offering exercise classes held in parks and outdoor spaces and outdoor events like Tough Mudder and Colour Run also booming.

As one, people seem to be deciding there’s got to be more to looking after yourself than mindlessly running on a treadmill. 

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If you’re part of this growing demand for health and fitness-focused travel and want to take it even further, then we have a treat for you. Exodus’ new fitness weeks are a real smorgasbord of different activities to shake up your fitness routine, and they embrace the ethos of the outdoors, creative approach to fitness.

Just a few examples are trading the sweaty studio for the grounds of a glamorous French chateau in the Ardeche region and swapping the treadmill facing the wall for the golden sands of Essaouira beach on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast.

And this is an easy way to guarantee you won’t feel sluggish upon your return home.

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parkrun Holidays

“With the vast majority of my week spent sat in front of the computer, an active holiday is the perfect way to combine discovery and adrenaline that you might otherwise be missing!” says Ben, Exodus’ parkrun manager and keen active traveller.

“I find running to be the best way to clear your mind. Whether it’s from a busy stressful day at work, or after a long bus ride in a new country, you can always ‘run off’ your worries. Being on holiday doesn’t mean you have to stop being active.

Plus, which other holidays are you going to come back from fitter than when you left?”

Parkrunners in the UKparkrunners

Now is the perfect time of year to get motivated for a fitness break. Spring is here, and the clement weather and longer daylight hours is the tipping point that lures many of us back to the great outdoors for exercise and leisure.

April is a popular time for people to try their first parkrun; if you’ve yet to be persuaded, these free weekly timed 5km runs in your local park are great fun, with a brilliant community spirit and an easy, fun way to get in shape for an active adventure. 

This is the era of the health-conscious traveller; browse our trips below and seize the moment.