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In his latest series on Channel 4, Walking the Americas, explorer and presenter Levison Wood goes on a journey across Central America, from Mexico to Colombia, uncovering all manner of wonders and undergoing many trials and tribulations along the way. 

Levison Wood

Anyone who knows Wood from his previous series on the Nile and the Himalaya knows to expect big things from this grand adventure, so we’re pretty excited here at Exodus HQ!

Over the course of the journey, we’ll see sights that boggle the mind. Ancient Mayan ruins, active volcanoes, weird and wonderful jungle wildlife, and the world-famous Panama Canal number amongst the incredible landmarks Wood will encounter along the way.

Join us as we look at some of the most interesting and remarkable of them, and learn how to see them for yourself.

Mayan ruins in MexicoWalking the Americas with Levison WoodMayan ruins

In the first episode, the journeymen encountered several remarkable sites which were once home to the ancient Mayans in the Yucatan.

These temples, great pyramids upon which human sacrifices would have been performed and the gods worshipped, are almost too fantastical to be true, stretching skywards with a sombre grandiosity that leaves an incredible impression.

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Active volcanoes in GuatemalaWalking the Americas with Levison WoodVolcanoes in Guatemala

There are few sights in the natural world more fearsome or awe-inspiring than an active volcano. In the heartland of Guatemala, these great powers of nature rise skyward like monoliths, alongside great lava fields and hot springs.

Levison will no doubt be coming into close proximity to the majesty of an active volcano, and you can too.


Jungle wildlifeWalking the Americas with Levison WoodJungle monkey

One thing Central America is not short on is jungle, and one thing jungles are never short of is incredible, weird and wonderful wildlife, and Levison is sure to encounter a few of these animals.

From sloths to bizarre birds, cheeky monkeys to turtles nesting on soft beaches, there’s no end to the wonders on display, particularly in Costa Rica!

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Panama CanalWalking the Americas with Levison WoodPanama Canal

One of the most impressive feats of engineering ever completed by mankind, the Panama Canal is a glorious construction, a great waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The canal is a sight to behold, cutting its way through amazing landscapes, and forming a great route for cycling along.

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