Witnessing whales and dolphins in the wild is a truly unmissable experience that makes the ultimate wildlife adventure. We highly recommend you take the opportunity to share the same space with some of the biggest creatures you can find in the ocean. It is important, however, to respect the fact that these animals are wild, and we encourage you to view them responsibly. We have come up with a few tips that will ensure you have a special and memorable experience when viewing these beautiful marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Your guide to viewing whales and dolphins responsibly

Respect their space

Remember, just as we are whale watching and experiencing dolphins in the wild, they are also encountering us. These marine mammals need their space and they shouldn’t be crowded or encircled.  To ensure we are giving them the space they need, it’s best to encourage your boat captain to head further out and look for other pods if too many boats are close by.

It’s a mutual exchange

Careful management of our oceans is vital for the survival of these spectacular creatures. Keep in mind that we are in their territory, we should avoid littering and ensure we are always respecting their environment.

Your guide to viewing whales and dolphins responsibly

Be mindful

It’s good to ensure these friendly cetaceans have room to swim away if they don’t want to interact. We’d recommend you follow best practices and spend no more than 10 to 20 minutes around them and then move on – your boat captain shouldn’t chase them for better photo opportunities. 

Remember these are natural experiences

The highlight of seeing whales and dolphins in the wild is witnessing them in their natural habitat. They may choose to remain at a distance, and this should be respected. Unnatural interactions such as baiting with fish or another food source should not be encouraged for a closer experience. 

Your guide to viewing whales and dolphins responsibly

Do your research

At Exodus, we use responsible local operators, but should you want to book an excursion independently during your free time on a trip, look out for ethical and unethical practices by researching places before making a decision, which encourage natural interactions. 


Whilst experiences with whales and dolphins can also occur in captivity, we strongly believe that interacting with them responsibly in their natural habitats will create a special and unforgettable adventure.  We encourage every opportunity to see these remarkable marine mammals in the wild