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The idea is simple: have your adventure tailored to suit you. We can offer most of our holidays as Tailormade adventures; just tell us where you want to go and when, and our specialist team will carefully create a bespoke adventure suited to your travel needs.

Reasons to Book a Tailormade Holiday

We have over 40 years of experience crafting clever itineraries that get you to the heart and soul of a destination. You’ll benefit from the relationships we’ve built with local partners and our knowledgeable local guides. Between us, we know how to make your holiday the adventure of a lifetime.

And you don’t have to be travelling with a dozen friends to tailor a holiday to fit your requirements. We can create the perfect adventurous honeymoon for you, tweak the activities for everyone to join in on an adventurous family reunion or engineer the dates so you can celebrate a big birthday on top of a mountain.

A Bespoke Birthday

When Denise Flowers decided to celebrate her birthday with a winter snowshoeing holiday, she contacted a dozen friends to see whether they fancied joining her. With so many people of varying abilities signing up for her special adventure, and with only half term off in which to travel, Denise had the mammoth task of finding something that would work for everyone.

Your Words Not Ours: Five Tailormade TestimonialsSnow-covered hills of Transylvania

“The pictures of the Transylvania Winter Walk & Snowshoe group trip in the Exodus brochure really captured my imagination, but it wasn’t running on the week we wanted to go. I just called Exodus to see if there was anything they could do and our tailormade adventure started to fall into place from there.”

“The group I went with were friends that I’d met on various other holidays, and so many of them hadn’t met one another before so it was really nice. Private trips just really work when there are so many people travelling together, and Transylvania was amazing.”

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Your Words Not Ours: Five Tailormade TestimonialsTransylvania in winter

Customised Kerala

Together with friends, Michael Winstanley has conquered Kilimanjaro and enjoyed the awe-inspiring sight of Machu Picchu. When it was Michael’s turn to make the arrangements for the group’s latest trip, he chose to swap out the hiking boots for cycling gear and organise their first cycling adventure.

After browsing the Exodus brochure, the group opted for the Cycle Kerala & Tropical India trip. Together, the 16 friends explored the coastline and backwaters of Kerala, cruising on a traditional houseboat and experiencing south India’s diverse wildlife and culture from the saddle.

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Your Words Not Ours: Five Tailormade TestimonialsKerala backwaters

“Because Exodus tailormade our trip, the whole group could have a laugh together from the very start as we knew each other. Some days we covered up to 60 miles, which is a long run if you’re not used to it. It wasn’t daunting though – we broke it up with various stops, watching ladies pick tea and drinking in cafes in lovely locations along the way.”

India was nothing like we’d imagined – we enjoyed it in ways we didn’t know we would. Every day was different, and every day was great.”

Michael Winstanley Tailormade Group - Cycling in KeralaGroup cycling tailormade trip

A Reunion Tour

“For quite a few years I’d been travelling solo on my holidays and met some fantastic people who share my love for exploring faraway places. We thought it would be fun to travel together again so I contacted the tailormade team,” says customer Pat Astill.

“It was just so easy that now we’ve done several, including Madagascar, Indonesia, Chile, Patagonia and Easter Island. Paula from the tailormade team is helping us organise a special trip for 2018 with options where people can choose to join at different stages.”

Your Words Not Ours: Five Tailormade TestimonialsLama Torres del Paine

“Each trip has been ‘tweaked’ to suit our requests. Last year we flew to Chile where we trekked through fine desert sand in San Pedro de Atacama to look at the changing landscapes of the Valley of the Moon.

At the end of the trip, we added an extension, so most of the group headed to Easter Island where we were welcomed by grass-skirted locals who placed flower garlands around our necks. Our first sight of the monolithic Moai was magnificent, and our local guide told us stories about her island. It was captivating.”

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Your Words Not Ours: Five Tailormade TestimonialsValley of the Moon

A Perfect Journey

“It was a couple of the girls’ 50th birthdays and we wanted to do something to celebrate,” says Angela Wylie who walked the Amalfi Coast with a group of ten friends.

“My friend Yvonne organised it. She just gave our names to Exodus, and they did everything for us. We were just happy with the trip exactly as it was, but as we all have children, we tweaked the dates to suit us. And what an adventure!

Our leader was amazing. He got to know us really well and looked out for each and every one of us. He was safety conscious, checked the equipment, knew the weather, pointed out animals, took us to waterfalls and knew the types of trees.

One evening we were invited into the hotel kitchen and shown how the pasta and pizzas are made. It was fantastic to see and even better when we got to taste them!”

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Your Words Not Ours: Five Tailormade TestimonialsAmalfi Coast

Tailored to Suit

Neil Mackay travelled to Costa Rica with his 15-year-old daughter Holly. “We wanted a mix of activities, with a final few days chilling on the beach,” he explains, “so I asked if they could tailor the holiday to suit us. The whole team were so helpful.

Within a few days they’d sent a rough itinerary, and we had three or four goes playing around with it until it was perfect. I researched the beach accommodation as we wanted some luxury, and Exodus was happy to take these suggestions on. It was absolutely fantastic and so well organised.

The whole trip was packed with highlights from whitewater rafting, zip wiring across cloud forest, watching turtles nesting and visiting a spa that used the hot waters from a nearby volcano. The final hotel was on a superb beach with surfing and a great pool and grounds to chill in. Whatever we did we felt really well looked after by the local teams.”

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Zip wires in the Costa Rican rainforestZiplining adventure

To find out more, or to arrange your own tailormade adventure on a date to suit you, call 0203 733 4849 or get in touch to request a call back.

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